Amaretto Sour

I know a girl, one of my best vape friends, that really loves a good Amaretto Sour! So let me give this a spin shot and let’s see what this flavor is really all about! This one is for you, Darlene! 🙂


Running the drops in 10ml bottles, let’s start with 4 drops .8 grams and yes can begin to taste it here, light alcohol with hints of orange? Just like the picture, but watered down, yes, it needs MORE! so 6 drops .12 grams or 1.2% we go! oh my! I get an orange cherry taste and the almond and rum are there too, perfection, but still a bit low. HuH? Yes, let’s go 8 drops .16 grams or 1.6% and Bob is my Uncle, I have to claim him!! I went ahead here and added just 2 drops of vanilla bean to this, just for giggles, and it’s muted it a hair, but not bad, just tamed a bit. I think once it matures, it will develop nicely, as I do love extra vanilla taste in my  liqueur. 10 drops .20 grams and it starts to go south on me, too heavy, and just not my style. So if I use this beautiful flavor, I know I will run it anywhere from 4-8 drops in any given recipe. Now I have something to kick back with tonight, mellowing out with a good grilled chicken salad and the stars 🙂
Thanks Flavorah for the chance to taste test these!

I can see Amaretto Sour butter cookies and even creams, nuts and tobaccos as well as a standalone drink type 😉 YAY!!

Side note: I love how the nuts and rum play in the background, but not so much an empty bottle! Off to mix more!

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