Just say squishy apricots make good jam! Ha! Oh wow.. truly impressed with this cool flavor, Flavorah!

Wow.. I am impressed with this one. First off, when heading for testing it, the smell when opening the bottle, brings me back to my childhood, feeding baby dolls apricots and apples.. jams. Made me smile really big, as idea after idea came and went in my head, smelling the aroma this bottle has to give! Thank you for this one, well worth the wait!

Breaking it down, 10ml bottles in my rows.. one day I do need to grab a picture of how I do this! I use around 5-10 10ml bottles, in rows on my table. filled with just vg, and I run my flavors from 1 drop up to 8-10 drops at a time. With this one, at 2 drops, .04 grams, .4% right here is where I can start to taste it (doesn’t take much!) and 3 drops, .06 grams .6%, the apricot peeks out even more.. sweet, soft yellow squishy apricot. Raising it up one more drop, 4 drops .08 grams .8% I start to get the green from the stem.. fresher.. 6 drops .12 grams 1.2%, not much change in whole taste, except here, I notice it starts to muddle.. and with that.. will stop. Threshold is 2-6 drops for me. 🙂
Beautiful, flavor true to form, and yes, will have to grab a larger bottle when I can! <3

Sorry for the delay in the reviews, the flu bug is going around. Make sure to keep hand sanitizer, and wash your hands.. You can never be too careful, but you can still keep up precautions. 🙂

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