Blackberry Blossom

Blackberry Blossom, oh my! This flavor clearly is not what I was expecting. Let me say this really slow, go get a big bottle! Yes, thank you very much!

This is what I am talking about, the blossom!

First thoughts: omg not a blackberry blossom *whines* it’s going to be too floral, it will really and readily become overused flowery juice, abused and knocked around, something out of my league, and I just know it won’t taste good. How could you do this to me, Flavorah! Why a floral flavor now? Just why?! So let me take a few and tell you about my experience with what I have dubbed, “The blossom”.

First smell, straight from the bottle, itself: light, headedly flowery, alcohol*? definately floral, and thinking back, I have not messed with alot of florals in a a few years! How deep into this rabbit hole do I want to go? Gee..

First taste: Well now, how I decided to play with this new flavor, slowly! I took it to 1 drop .02 grams per 10ml.. nothing! Omg. I went to 2 drops .04 grams, barely tasting anything other than a hint. Bravely went to my 3 drops in 10ml or .06 grams, and well, it is getting there. Odd, normally I can taste most all of the Flavorah flavors by now. So here goes 4 drops in 10ml .08 grams, and what is this I taste? I get a hint of a berry, but sweet, hmm.. that’s about all. Bottle #5 with 5 drops .10 grams, the berry is still in hiding, okay, I am a big girl, I can do this! Maybe! It’s sweet, and really making me think about what it is I taste. Hints of, could it be.. sweeter! Not really a floral in the sense of flower floral, oh wow! Ok on to the next bottle, #6 with 6 drops .12 grams and Bob is my Uncle!

There is the beauty of working from low to high, flavor discovery! I still think the berry is hiding but it’s peeking out now, and definitely get a honey nectar experience! I can so a lot of potential with this flavor, used with persimmon (with or without spice) with papaya punch, guanabano, the lighter fruit group Flavorah only does so well! This flavor will truly have you thinking you have taste buds like the elves and fairies! It is light, would I push it any further? It really depends on the recipe and application. I could easy take this to 10 drops in 10mls or .20 grams or even 2% however, it you push this too far, you will end up with a “black chocolate cherry” -experience! 🙂

Keep this on the light side for best results!  *As for the “alcohol” smell I got, it is coming from the “floral” bits, as a smell of the blackberry blossom that is more like a new honey, than anything else. Do not take the top off when mixing this flavor, as it needs to be kept closed for the gasses to mingle with the liquid to develop fully. Otherwise, you are blowing and wasting this flavors potential.

No recipe yet, but I will revisit this post of mine, perhaps.. 😉

blackberry blossom

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