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June 2, 2017

Classic Cigarette

Smooth, like 1969, Classic Cigarette is just that, classic! It has character, and a little bit of nuts and grace! I will say this now, it is a steeper. Even tho most Flavorah flavors are ready in only a few days, the longer this one can sit, the better it becomes. Give it time and it will make you feel like you were back in the ’60’s when time was free and the smokes were classic!

How I tinkered with this one, every easy! I do tend to use this flavor heavy, after playing with it solo, only because I like good tobaccos to be in your face! With my handy dandy 10ml bottles lined up I took this from 2 drops .04 grams up to 8 drops .16 grams. My thoughts on it is like: medium is best. At 2 drops .04grams, its a light tobacco at first. Letting them all sit for 1 week, I found that the 2 drops was low or ultra lights, 4 drops .08 grams was a good light tobacco, 6 drops was on the edge of a medium tobacco and 8 drops was just obnoxiously in your face, as a solo flavor! It has caramel nutty back notes, mildly. It is really enjoyable, even as a solo, but I do like to add other things. Flavorah says it is like a dirty winston type tobacco. Me, it’s just a good basic cigarette with good earth type tones. If you are into tobaccos, you need this in your bag!

Winston Cigarette

9 drops .18 grams Classic Cigarette
6 drops .12 grams Virginia
3 drops .06 grams Cream
3 drops .06 grams Lime
2 drops .04 grams Red Burley

About this recipe, I toss around my tobaccos, as I do enjoy a good tobacco at times. I started it with some kentucky blend, however, the classic cigarette just fits. I added in the virginia for the gold tobacco effect and the cream smoothes it all out. The red burley is the base notes you get on the exhale, creating one of the best winston type cigarettes. The lime tho, is the secret to making a good tobacco pop, as it breaks thru the caramel and holds it all together with a pop.

Try it out and let me know how you enjoy this. I also add in 1 drop .02 grams of bourbon for nights in the summer around the bonfires!

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chas romanyshyn
chas romanyshyn

new to making juice. can anyone tell me how much pg/vg this recipe would be added to?