Creme De Menthe

Straight from Ireland and bottled fresh, Creme De Menthe is perfect. It is a spot on, light, fluffy cream, with that chocolate taste you will never forget. I was raised on a lot of the mint creams from my Grandmother and she is the one that taught me an appreciation for not just the mints, but good chocolate, too! If you are looking for an authentic flavor, this is the one you need. If you are not a fan of creme de menthe, just let me know when you will send it to me! Will gladly take it off your hands! 🙂


When I first got a hold of this one, from the first smell, I wanted to down the entire bottle. Why not?! But let me break this down on my approach. Yes, back to those 10ml bottles, please!. First, I ran it from 2 drops .04 grams up to 8 drops .16 grams. Yes, please, thank you so very much, 8 drops! So on my discovery at 2 drops .04 grams, its there, very light in the background after a 12 hour sit time. eh.. not what I want! 4 drops .08 grams I can taste it rather well (again, 12 hour sit time, separate bottles!!) and start thinking on the recipe I want to share. Why is that so hard on my favorite flavors, to find sometime simple, but yet will make the flavors stand out, even tho they are simple recipes? Dunno! Anyways, at 6 drops .12 grams in 10mls, is just no! To me it turns funky, like a fake taste, made well, but the tell tell signs it wont be prettier if I keep it here. Then finally, at 8 drops .16 grams, yeah just no; so my best use is going to be between 3 drops and around 5 drops in a good recipe, for a 10ml.  Now onto the recipe..

Coffee Grasshopper 30ml

12 drops .24 grams Creme De Menthe
6 drops .12 grams Coffee
12 drops .24 grams Whipped cream

That simple! Refreshing, creamy taste, with the coffee in the background. Perfect for a summertime wet morning wake up call.
I do recommend at least a 2 day sit time, only so that the flavors can relax and mingle together. Just remember, shake and dont stir!

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