Cured Tobacco

Cured tobacco, at it’s finest. I immediately noticed, if I keep this one low, its a smooth, aged tobacco, almost fitting for a nice cigar or . I can spin this flavor so many different ways, all with different results. If I only use eh, 6 drops, or .12 grams in a blend, it comes off lightly as a finished hint of a deep tobacco, especially mixed with Arabian. If I want a fun playful type tobacco, I’d raise it up a bit more and add in some breads, creams, maybe some type of caramel, and perhaps some fruits. This flavor is really packed well and I know the experiments I have done with it, will be keeping a bottle around!

It’s been a bit since I posted any of my flavor reviews.. but I hope everyone knows, try these flavors out low first. We all taste things different, and there is no set way to mix. Yes I use these super low compared to most everyone else, but for me and a few others, this works. I again, have been using these flavors for a few years now, and every time I sit down and mix, I always come up with different styles and tastes. The secrets to this is your notes, your set up and your taste buds! Now onto the recipe I’d love to share!


Smoky RY4 30ml

12 drops .24 grams Caramel
9 drops .18 grams Cured Tobacco
9 drops .18 grams Orange Citrus
6 drops .12 grams Butterscotch
6 drops .12 grams Lime
6 drops .12 grams Beer Nuts
6 drops .12 grams Vanilla Pudding
3 drops .06 grams Cream

Now this, is something special.
Easy to vape any time of the day or night, and if you toss in a few drops (1-2) of bourbon, you have a mighty fine vape!

The citruses help to keep it from getting too thick dull and boring by breaking up how thick the caramel and butterscotch turns out, as well as lend a helping hand to the cured tobacco. The creams smooth things out and can be adjusted higher or even remove the cream from this recipe, if you’d like a rougher version.

Allow to sit for 2 days and then try it out. You will be surprised 😉

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