Graham Cracker

Graham crackers were named for a man who believed unhealthy diet led to sexual excess. Fact! Oh my, where to start for this one? Why of course, by the drops in many 10ml bottles! Here we go, this is what I am writing about:

Light, fluffy, hard, sweet, salty, everyone’s favorite cracker cookie! So many ideas come to me when thinking on what to do with Graham Cracker, unbelievable and sometimes can be overwhelming! Let’s start on the Flavorah‘s next new flavor!

First smell from the bottle: it really does smell like a bottle of those fabulous graham crackers! That bready cracker, and the light spice it has, and I just know, it will turn out so good! but let’s see where they tasting zones are and my last thoughts!

Using my 10ml bottles, I started at 2 drops .04 grams per 10mls and I find nothing! What? I expected at least a hint. Moving on to 3 drops .06 grams, not much better, weird and odd and more flabbergasted! This is confuzzling! I should get something here, but maybe 4 drops .08 grams, and there it is, a hint of bready cookie? Moving to 6 drops .12 grams I get a more of a cookie, and maybe a bit of the cracker. Jumping to 8 drops .16 grams and there it is! I get the start of the graham cracker, firm, with hints of the edges of the cracker showing. 10 drops in 10ml or .20 grams or 2% is just pushing the flavor and can detect a burning crumble effect, not bad, more like the bottom of the cracker while cooking and cooling off, cooked bit, the breading is light, the spices I smelled, might take a bit to come around. I do not believe I would take it higher than this, but I have. Using this at 3% I can tell the compounds in the flavor start to fall off, the notes from top to bottom start to meld and the side notes, the spices just are not there, the bottom part of the g cracker is just muddled. Keep this in mind.. 🙂

I can see using Acetyl Pyrazine 5% to help boost the bread part, nuts, tobaccos fruits and creams will play nice with this one, but it is rather on the light side right now. Mind you, just barely into a week steep, so will have to review this post in another week or so.

As for recipes, I may revisit this and add one.. but for now I just wanted to post up my findings with this flavor. 🙂

Thank you, Flavorah for sending these out!

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