Morning Mimosa

And then there is Morning Mimosa! YeeHaw, Yes! Where do I start with this simple but complex flavor? Why of course, here I go again with my crazy drop method that drives most nuts! 🙂 You love me anyways so!! Here I go, this is what I am talking about:

Now this could help me curb my coffee intake, for sure, as smell test says bright and orange-y. hmm, let’s break down the drops!

Using 2 drops .04 grams in 10mls, yes, just like the last 2, I get nothing. Surprising really, as I do know flv is strong and most the time I can get a glimpse at just a few drops. Makes me wonder! I always try to find the starting points at where I start to taste, so I know how low I can take it and where the flavor starts.. very important when putting recipes together! Let me skip on up to 4 drops .08 grams and just no… odd! Jumping to 6 drops in my handy dandy 10ml bottles, at .12 grams and just now grabbing a taste of orangey, but where is the bubbles? Alrighty then, moving up to 8 drops .16 grams or 1.6% (see what happened there with drops grams and %, yes?) I get the full orange, but no bubbles! Ok then, next is my 10 drops in 10mls or .2 grams (2%) and there it is, more of a champagne taste mixing in with the most beautiful orange combo, just like the real mimosas, well now, how about that! 🙂

As far as the flavor, my rating for this one would be for the basic overall, I give it a 10. Amount of usage, unless my taste buds are changing, I am finding so far with the 3 flavors, you do need to step up usage. As far as accuracy, and being the fact I do not go around eating blackberry blossoms or using it in teas, or the graham cracker being what it is, Flavorah has not done bad at all!

I can see this used more between 2-2.5% and mixed with berries, creams, nuts.. it is a rather light flavor, considering usage, so be careful to not drown it out with overpowering flavors. That can happen, and faster than you will recognize! I can see more of a solo use, but with things like pomegranate, or blackberry, blueberry, keep it all low. I really do enjoy this one flavor and like the blossom, will be snagging a big bottle! ~S.

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