One of my favorites now for a few months, is peppermint! I can work with this in so many ways, from fruits to even nutty chocolates, tobaccos, drinks, you name it, peppermint is always a fun play time taste for me.

Do not try this flavor straight, just do not! Scope has nothing on the strength this one has! It will make you drool, and not in a controlled way, but zombie drool, and it will attack your sinuses! However, peppermint is good for upset tummy aches. (On the bright side)

Lining up my bottles, and knowing what I know about this flavor, 1 drop .02 grams in 10mls is detectable. It doesn’t take much at all, and is light. Using 2 drops .04 grams in 10ml makes it heavier, tasty and fun to play with. Now 4 drops, is going to be too much for any dripper, but a tank can handle up to around 4 drops .08 grams. I would not push this flavor at all, and keep it at .8% usage.

No recipe, but I am sure your imagination can add this cool mint to just about anything!

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