Umhmm, pucker up big boys and girls! This flavor is for those that really need a pucker in their lives! Excellent idea, Flavorah!

Just what mama warned you, do this and your face might just freeze! Oh wait, that was yet another facial expression.. Carrying on! Let’s do this, for sure, it is a given yet another additive! Additives can be fun when done right.. so let’s find out how puckery is pucker!

First note: when you do use it, there is a background taste, almost like a smoke note. So be prepared. It will fade out and become tasteless, but push this one too hard and it will come back and bite you! It also seems to have a bit of cool in it, however I do know that is the “Pucker” note. (This comes from dropping a drop on a spoon and actually tasting it, straight, not diluted, so go for it. If I can, you can!) You can even taste that smoke note like this.. but, let’s not stay here, moving on to bottles and drops once again, just like always!

Using 1 drop .02 grams in 10mls, it’s hard to detect, so I chose to go with odd numbers this time. 🙂  3 drops in 10mls, and I peg it! way too much, after sitting with 12 drops Red apple! I got pucker! Yes. Smoky puckered! 😮 I could lower this to 2 drops, but yet I want to push this pucker! Taking it to 6 drops .12 grams or 1.2% and yeps there is it, overuse! Abusing my tongue won’t help, but it’s too late. Cracker and Coffee time!

Spiced latte and Cookies

Anytime you mess up your tastebuds, they need a reset. I recommend trying new flavors, drinking coffee, spicy chips, cookies, or anything else that is different from what your pallet normally tastes. Give it time, and they will be back to what you perceive as normal. Just for a heads up, your taste buds change at 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 years. This is why they are truly your best buds, as even tho they change, they always stick around and guide you to what it is you want. 🙂 Take care of them and they wont want to feel like running away!

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