Root Beer!

Oh my gosh, yes foamy and spicy, Root beer! Fill up my tank and call me a happy girl! 🙂 This is one I know I will treasure! Here I go again!

First smell: Heaven in a bottle! Ha! Can tell yes, that is a for sure real root beer! I know for a fact, what all it takes to make the best root beer, as I do create it every blue moon for home use. The list of ingredients can be found here. Flavorah, what a delight you managed to capture and send off to me, I want to explore now!

Using my drops at 4, or .08 grams I can barely taste it, but it is showing up to the party and oh yes I can not wait to taste the full effect! at 6 drops .12 grams it is at the point of almost full in your face. Raising it up to 10 drops .20 grams, its a bit beyond in your face, the rooty-ness is muddy, and just not as bright as 6-8 drops. You really do not have to add creams, but if you do, don’t go over the root beer. It can be possible to drown out the notes it has.

If I was to do add in’s, I’d add more ginger, some cool menthol, ice, heat, maybe light fruits, and yes, I can see a bunch of recipes built off this one, but will revisit it again next week. Big bottle heading my way, oh yes!! 🙂

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Root Beer Float 10 ml
FLV Root Beer 8 drops 0.16 grams
FLV Smooth Vanilla 1 drop 0.02 grams
FLV Vanilla Bean 3 drops 0.06 grams
FLV Cream 3 drops 0.06 grams

Give it 3 days for everyone to get cozy…