Smoked Butterscotch

Smoked Butterscotch, I think I am in LOVE! <3 oh my gosh, there I go!


Sorry I could not capture the elves sitting around the fire, smoking this beautiful butterscotch, but I do have the results in a beautiful thick latte!! omy, you all will absolutely love it, but not as much as I do! So if Flavorah runs out, you can blame me! 🙂

I already know, let’s start with 2 drops .04 grams in my 10ml bottle, and yes there it is, not in my face, but i can taste it, buttery butterscotch, with smoky hints.. oh! It’s light, almost a fluffy, if you pare it with 2 drops .04 grams sweet cream! Let’s go 4 drops .08 grams or .8% and omg thick, rich, in my face goodness.. <3 drools!!  Let’s try the 6 drops .12 grams and there it is, it’s on the edge of just too much goodness! Will break out my crown and toss this one in there. On the crown D1, it’s about perfection, just like I thought. Remember, tanks can mute your flavors, but you also have to keep in mind the dripper users too, Balance is a hard act, and this is why when some grab recipes off the net, taste is the perceived amount of what the recipe writer is portraying. Keeping up now, it’s Big girl time, using 8 drops .16 grams or 1.6% and if I focus, using my dripper (musketeer rda) I can taste the chemtrail happenstance, just on the edge of burnt. I hate that when it happens. So there is my limit. Right there. 🙂

I can see this being used in fruits, creams, drinks, nuts and tobaccos. I suggest a huge bottle. Don’t play, I might buy it all up before anyone else can! 🙂 ~S.

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Charles Yates

Nothing like a little smoke with your butterscotch.

I love this flavor and find it really useful, especially for tobaccos. It pairs nicely with Cured and Kentucky blend at around 0.5-1%; a drop or two of cream won’t hurt either.

I plan on experimenting more, particularly with bakery blends, as I can see the benefits there too. This is yet another excellent flavor from Flavorah.