The Avocado is rather interesting, as I really do not eat much, unless it is in guacamole! I did find this link that has started me on a few experiments. I must be brave and tinker with the avocado a bit more..

As a solo.. I ran this thru the paces I know, and I find it gets really intense used in higher amounts. It also has so many uses, more so than any other creamy type flavor that Flavorah has. Let me begin. I used my handy dandy 10ml set and started it off like this..

Avocado doesn’t appear to come out of the new bottle tip right. It takes more, so the specific gravity on Avocado is lighter than the rest of the flavors. I will have to pull my large scale out and double check, in case there is something wrong with my tip, or it could be the flavor.

At 4 drops or .02grams . its not really there.. barely can taste it.. uggg..

At 6 drops or .03 grams it is there, creamy with a hint of nut.. hmm.. but its not a “in your face” type deal.

At 8 drops or .4grams it is there.. right here is spot on Avocado.. in fact, it’s a bit much after a week.

You get the creamy almost nutty taste between 6-8 drops.. if I were to mix it higher, I’d run it at 5 drops per 10, mixed with other goodies, between 4-6 drops.. It really is a fantastic flavor that begs to be played with!


Black Tea

Black Tea is going to be a favorite, I can tell! On a sniff, it’s a good sturdy black tea and the ideas I can pick up with it, are many! Orange pekoe, strawberries, pears and other sweet fruits will be friends with this flavor. Comparable to a southern tea, without being too sweet, and there is no noticeable cooling with this flavor.

So far, I have used Black Tea in 10ml bottles at 2 drops or .04grams, 5 drops or .10grams, 7 drops .14grams and 10 drops .20grams

At 2 drops it was faint, and I admit, could hardly taste much at all.

At 5 drops, there it was, all waving at me! I got the tea, black, no fruits, no nothing, but pure tea, not exactly like Lipton’s but not shabby either. A pleasant surprise!

At 7 drops, it really got annoying, and my tongue was feeling all tea coated, sticky and just eh…

At 10 drops, it was back all liquidy smooth and to me, I felt like I was missing out on a few notes I picked up using the 5 drops..

This is why it took so long for this post, testing flavors out as solos, finding out how low to go and how high to work up; it does take time and the ability to pay attention to what your tongue tells you.

I feel this black tea will go with just about anything you can toss at it. it’s good and not too sweet, but if you plan on adding any sweetener, go slow and low, you wont need much. Fruits.. any and all fruits would love to take a swim in black tea! Creams, go light.. tooo much will drown out this beautiful flavor.. nuts, sure, add some in, and if you want a smooth vape, add some to tobacco and kick back.. 🙂


Eisai Tea

Eisai Tea otherwise known as Japanese Green Tea.. and right out the bottle, smells so delish! Green tea, with maybe some sort of fruity bit? A cooling sensation is present, but that is to be expected. 4 bottle drops from the new bottle give me .08 grams in a 10ml bottle, and it’s light.

Something I found on youtube:

Do you know how hard it is on writing about a flavor you have never tasted before?
Very! However I can say this is a thicker green tea, I can see it would be a bit more fibrous from the other green tea, as it does have a texture.  It’s very nice and if one of my fans could send me some haha! I would appreciate it.

I can see this as something to go with strawberries, blueberries and other fruits. Its sweet but tea tasting. As a solo, I can pick out an herb-y type foreground taste, and it’s really not bad at all, tasty! This could top cheesecakes and danishes would go beautiful.. maybe an apple cinnamon danish, with Eisai tea.. yes.. Pears would be a bit too much, maybe with the other green tea..

Kinako Soy

According to The Spruce link, “Kinako is one of many Japanese ingredients made from soybeans. It is dried, milled and roasted soy bean flour. It is golden tan in color and has a powdery texture similar to that of all purpose flour. It has a warm, toasted and nutty aroma, and its flavors are similarly nutty and slightly reminiscent of roasted peanuts.”

Ok, cool.. flour flavor lmao.. hmm.. what the heck! I did my standard 4 drops in 10ml and let it sit up 3 days.. and the weird thing is.. I am picking up the flour, and I get a powdered effect all inside my mouth. Very little roasted nut, so might try backing down and using 2 drop in 10ml.

I still have yet to toy with a good recipe.. I have gotten the flour out of my mouth now.. thinking on a few things.. will report back once I have something working. Single flavor test at 2 drops from the new bottle, 10ml is much better.. I think this is comparable to the pastry zest. Might be a start for a good recipe, will see.

Here is the trick to the kinako soy, use with a form of bread/cookie/macaroon etc and the helper is Pastry Zest!

Blueberry Pancakes!

Green Tea

Green Tea, I am guessing is a generic green tea. I have yet to try it.. I do have it steeping atm, 4 bottle drops in 10ml.. After trying this one out, and I have now confirmed, this is as close to the official Lipton’s green tea. I see a lot of citrus going nice with this one.. creams, and neutral fruits.. be cautious that you do not drown out the green tea effects.

As far as usage, keep this one between .2 and .4% I find any higher and it starts to go zombie out at .6 and up.. and when it comes back it will lose a few notes. It really does not take much using Flavorah, at all! That is the beauty of these flavors as they are done just right.

Smell test, smells just like the American Green tea, like Lipton’s Green Tea. I bet again, fruits, creams and honey will go nicely with this. I did combine it with the Eisai Tea.. and it did not work out too swift..

Tastes.. Chill green tea, lightly sweetened. Nice!! I might have to play with some Alpine Strawberry and perhaps some White Chocolate, for candies.. Even a Blood Orange and pear will be good with this totally good tea.

Red Tea

Red Tea? Oh my! Ok again, from The Spruce link you really need to read the article. I do believe, this is the Rooibos Tea. It’s not as black as black tea, and it’s a woodsy type taste. I tried it out as 4 new bottle drops in 10ml.. but I think I could go as high as 6 or .12g in 10ml..

A simple recipe I toyed with when I received the new bottles and flavors: Link here

As for the red tea, it’s a nice touch, red fruits won’t go too well with it, stick to pinks, yellows, or even the neutral fruits, like apples and pears.. Definitely a beautiful tea, and if you over do it, the first sign in a coating in your mouth. The second is that it becomes copying tea. I find this with all of the teas so far, but.. It could be me too.

I can see both of the Flavor honey types being used, very minimum amounts, the cloves and ginger, with all sorts of nuts creams and fruits. Do not be shy to try these out.. they are gorgeous and Flavorah really out did themselves here!

I know this is a short review, but I have new plans to keep adding to my notes here on site. So keep your eyes out, and any questions, there is the contact me, or anywhere on Facebook, either my profile or thru my page.

Crystals, Powders and Thoughts..

They say I am a legend. I don’t see where anyone can say that. I am just me, and yes, I am a flavor chaser. I love to play in flavors and make my world full of tastes!
This is not what this post is about, but I get a laugh when I hear legend.. 😉

Crystals and powders, oh my, what to do?
Well good friends don’t allow other friends to mix with junk! So let me tell you, why I pick what I do. From flavors to nicotine and additives, even base, for the best possible fresh tasting effect. For the thrill of good juice and even better times!

By choosing the crystal and powder form of additives, you choose when you mix them, you know they are the freshest, and your satisfaction of a better than decent outcome. What sparked my interest in these forms? Dealing with resellers and manufactures that had these mixed in ready to go forms, and not knowing how long they have sat on someone’s shelf. When I found out that Driphacks had some, I checked them out and was tickled to find even more than I thought. So yes, a shout out to them over in the UK! <3

You can mix these up at 10-25% per volume, to obtain something like what The flavor apprentice (tfa/tpf/fa) has, or you can do it my way. I like to take things by the tablespoon, and yeah I know what you will say, wtf! but it is true, simple fast, no measurement except for a tablespoon. You see, I like to mix my additives by the 4oz (120ml) so I am not mixing them up all the time. I probably use more than the average diyer, as well. so.. but rule of thumb, add till you see no more, and then add some more, for total saturation. You do not want to add so much that it can not be completely dissolved. If that happens, wait for it all to settle, around a few days, and then decant from the top. Dealing with crystals, you can grind them up or use whole chunks, like menthol crystals, and watch them melt into your base.

Once you get used to this method, you really will not need as much as what you would with the additives you buy from anywhere else. If less is more, and less is better.. shouldn’t your additives be just that as well? the way I use ws-5 is 3-6 bottle drops, or from .02 grams to .12 grams, and with AP,  and the rest of their crystals and powders,  around the same amount used. Mega strong! and you will save time and $ doing it this way. 🙂

If anyone has any questions, needs me to go into further detail, or runs across something new, be sure to give me a shout and tell me all about it.. I love to experiment! So far, drip hacks is the best! I will be back for more soon, I have a few on my list now!


If you are looking for something to boost your breads, wheat is the answer you are seeking. Want to know why, let’s continue..

If you think you need an added extra bit, to separate you from the crowd, to make those honey buns and cinnamon twirls, and especially cereals bounce, stand up or take a down note, wheat.. yeah, I am enjoying this one.

How I picked thru it, by drops still! I know, aggravating, aren’t I? 🙂 but it is true. One drop to change a liquid, one drop to change a taste, and one drop to rule the world! One drop of wheat, gives you a wiff, a taste, but you really need to start this one at 2 drops, .04 grams in 10mls to catch a wheat trail, 4 drops .08 grams in 10mls for a perfect wheat finish in your mix. That is the beginning of what I can call the taste zone, mixed with cereal at 4 drops.. crunchy wheat.. you need to try this. I wouldn’t really take it higher than this.. but it does depend on the nature of your juice and the statements you wish to convey. Taste is very subjective 😉

Yeah short and sweet this morning, I have mixes to catch up on today, shopping and more.. I hope you are enjoying the site, and let’s keep the flavors rolling! ~S

Smooth Vanilla

I know, I just know, Flavorah is going to outdo themselves again and yes!! This here.. this smooth vanilla is a big surprise.. one I can say I appreciate! Find out more? Are you ready?


This is NOT a flavor! Not in the typical sense, it is an additive. I will keep this short & very sweet, I love you, Flavorah, but this should have had a warning, first for strength, second, I am addicted! and YES Please, big bottle. My experience: 1 drop .02 grams in 10mls, is omg delish, heavy but good.. this combined with the Alpine and it is a true winner.. mouth melting, i had to go whip up a 30ml with 1 drop smooth vanilla and 2 drops Alpine Strawberry and I yes, love it!! a smooth, sweet strawberry with hints of the finest vanilla, oh my!! But it took me a few to realize what this is, an additive, for you see, 2 drops .04 grams, or .4% is too much, it starts to turn bitter.. and at first I thought, maybe I had something on my brand new cotton and coil.. but no, for 4 drops in 10mls, in my mouth and out my nose, wow.. let’s just say I had to go find my netti pot and flush my poor nose out, that already suffers from the flu bug last week.

I am not complaining, do not take this as a rant, this is one of the very best, surprising vanilla’s I have ever come across. I am truly appreciating it in my simple strawberry and vanilla blend here atm, might even toss in some cool menthol.. wow.. I am in love!! with a creamy vanilla strawberry lol.. Get ready, will be after a big bottle next week. See you guys soon! xoxo and thank you for this one. You know how much I begged for it.. 🙂

Red Velvet

Red Velvet and that little girl’s smile! Oh wrong song! LoL.. but the cake is perfect! Let’s find out where the hole in the cake goes! 😛

Now this, let’s get your tongue ready and here I go.. I did not start this with a 1 drop, I did 2 drops .04 grams and immediately there is this cake taste in my mouth and nose. who ever said inhaling your food is wacky, is wrong!! 🙂 It is light so off to the 4 drops .08 grams .8%, and no here.. is the cake and the hints of a cream cheese icing, but you might want to keep the cake going, as with 6 drops .12 grams 1.2% the icing effect does fade out and the cake gets stronger, tastier. I’m doing 8 drops .16 grams or 1.8% and think this is where it needs to stop. It’s on that verge, that thin line, one tiny drop could push it too far for my liking. It’s thick, cake, dry, almost fake chocolate, just like the red velvet should be and I do believe Flavorah has a real winner here. If you don’t get a big bottle, it’s because I grabbed them all! 🙂

for add ons: cream cheese icing hack at the bottom of the page, I can see some chocolate deutch for a German Chocolate cake, some fruits like pineapple, orange, or even coffee to make it even darker.. bourbon for a boozy effect.. and your own spoon, I have mine tyvm!