My site; it’s up, it’s down. It has quirks just like me!

My site, all mine. I am willing to share it and all of the mixing info with you. Maybe you should know more about me, then again maybe not. What a good way to strike up a conversation, eh? I am a very simple person with complex thoughts and I work hard on flavor development. Some take me serious, and others not so slow. I am more than a cup of coffee, and I don’t ask for much other than some respect. If you have the time, that is.

More about my spot!

This spot of home is something I am constantly working on. Change is good, and should be welcomed. It does effect learning and sales, but if you are patient and I can get my points across, we both might learn a few things. On the other hand, I have met people that say my methods are just crazy and they don’t have the time to try to see what my style does.

That is all fine, I promise. If you aim for higher however, I will make you think outside the box. Your choice. Again, my site, my design and my info is here for what ever you wish to consume and learn. Take it away! 🙂

What I am attempting to accomplish here is..

To find a way to show what it is I do. I don’t often take pictures, nor do I jump on cam. I do voice occasional and that is more than enough for me. Even in voice, some still want to make me out as wrong. No I am right for me, and no one will ever agree on anything other than to agree to disagree. So don’t expect this site to be filled with pictures unless it is things I find online to actually get my points across. No videos unless it is something again, I find that can work as a tool for you guessed it, to get my point across.

Smoky, you are just going in circles, get to the point!

My point is, things happen and my site this poor thing, I erased as I had a bug in the data base I could not dig out. I would rather us all be safe than sorry, even tho I cried a bit more. It was not the first time, it will not be the last. However I have learned to not forget my back ups and that is the first rule of code design online. Oppsie! So now I start over with a fresh clean slate. Aren’t you just so happy? I am. Without change, we stagnate; grow stale and it becomes the same old.

And more..

With my posts and the shots my friends and other people tell me they want to try, I hope to help everyone to mix safe and keep your taste buds happy.

I do have a job and other hobbies as well. I’m up tonight trying to show that even tho this is one page, there will be posts, tutorials and rants and raves.. so stick around if you wish, or travel on off to yet another site. There are always a million ways to learn to mix.. but the ultras will always hold my passion, my happiness and yes, I will stick to them like crazy.. 🙂

You can say with at least 12 other flavor houses, that it is better to use them all. My rebuttal is this: if you can not take the time to understand one flavor house/manufacture, how in the hell are you going to take them all on? How about that shipping from one site to the next?

Yeah, it gets steep. I win! 🙂 haha!

Me.. Smoky Blue..