Flavor Notes


Ok so out of the 13? Apples that Flavorah has haha!! This one is the star.. yeah even on top of that fab Apple Filling.. by far, this is the king of all apples.

Apples haha!! What’s in the bottle?

Let’s all admit it now.. there are bunches of Flavorah Apples, but none like this one. It is mine, I claim it.. One taste and I was hooked. My rate of use runs from a few drops in 30ml up to 1.4%, depending on recipe..

So the nitty gritty with this beautiful apple.. If you can hit it right.. I have tasted the skin, the pulp, the seeds, and almost the leaves of Apple. It is def the best apple for apple juice as well as to boost that beautiful Apple Filling that everyone loves! Well.. almost everyone and only after the bottle is all gone 😛

Sample recipe with me trying to fit all of the apples in.. I think I might have missed just one, maybe? You tell me!

Smoky Blue’s Apples Don’t Fall 

Apple (Flavorah)0.60
Apple Cider (Flavorah)0.20
Apple Cranberry (Flavorah)0.20
Apple Filling (Flavorah)0.40
Apple Pop (Flavorah)0.20
Bourbon (Flavorah)0.40
Cream (Flavorah)0.60
Green Apple (Flavorah)0.40
Oak Barrel (Flavorah)0.40
Pineapple (Flavorah)0.40
Red Apple (Flavorah)0.80
Sour Apple (Flavorah)0.20
Sweet Cream (Flavorah)1.00

Flavor total: 5.8%

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Follow the link to read the notes as to what inspired me to create this.. 🙂

Here is yet another recipe I used Apple in.. This one is a bit different.. it’s like shine, with crumbs of apple cobbler.. waiting for you to realize, you might have an issue with Apple.. it’s because.. it’s all mine!

Smoky Blue’s Fall down at Midnight 

Apple (Flavorah)0.40
Apple Filling (Flavorah)0.60
Bourbon (Flavorah)0.20
Crunch Cereal (Flavorah)0.40
Custard (Flavorah)1.00
Frosting (Flavorah)0.40
Graham Cracker (Flavorah)0.20
Oak Barrel (Flavorah)0.20
Pastry Zest (Flavorah)0.12
Sweet Cream (Flavorah)0.40

Flavor total: 3.92%

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