The Avocado is rather interesting, as I really do not eat much, unless it is in guacamole! I did find this link that has started me on a few experiments. I must be brave and tinker with the avocado a bit more..

As a solo.. I ran this thru the paces I know, and I find it gets really intense used in higher amounts. It also has so many uses, more so than any other creamy type flavor that Flavorah has. Let me begin. I used my handy dandy 10ml set and started it off like this..

Avocado doesn’t appear to come out of the new bottle tip right. It takes more, so the specific gravity on Avocado is lighter than the rest of the flavors. I will have to pull my large scale out and double check, in case there is something wrong with my tip, or it could be the flavor.

At 4 drops or .02grams . its not really there.. barely can taste it.. uggg..

At 6 drops or .03 grams it is there, creamy with a hint of nut.. hmm.. but its not a “in your face” type deal.

At 8 drops or .4grams it is there.. right here is spot on Avocado.. in fact, it’s a bit much after a week.

You get the creamy almost nutty taste between 6-8 drops.. if I were to mix it higher, I’d run it at 5 drops per 10, mixed with other goodies, between 4-6 drops.. It really is a fantastic flavor that begs to be played with!


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