Sweet basil, yes! If you haven’t played with this one, you are missing out! I have toyed with this flavor for the last two days now, and run the range in my 10ml bottles, like usual, 1, 3 and 5 drops, just got giggles! Do not use basil in 10ml with more than 3 drops, just don’t!

First impressions, cool, sweet but spicy, rather impressive! I can see this is varied fruits, creamy nuts and tobaccos. 1 drop (.02grams) is a bit week, 3 is pushing it, so stick with 2 drops in a blended recipe. Trust me, you will enjoy this, even with a name like basil!


Strawberry Spiced Cheesecake 30ml

9 drops .18 grams Cheesecake
4 drops .08 grams Basil
4 drops .08 grams Brie
4 drops .08 grams Yogurt
2 drops .04 grams Alpine strawberry

Let sit for 2 days and then test it out. Remember to shake very very good, every so often while it sits and mingles.. it will love you long time!

Lime Fuzzy 30ml

6 drops .12 grams Lime Wedge
6 drops .12 grams Cool Menthol
4 drops .08 grams Basil
4 drops .08 grams Yogurt
1 drops .02 grams Cucumber

Let sit over night after a quick mix up.. It really did turn out well, surprisingly.. I tried this out maybe 3 hours after mixing, and I bet mine won’t last thru tonight! 🙂 Your taste might vary, but I enjoy this.
You might want to add in some type of orange or citrus flavor too.

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Both sound interesting, however you should check your numbers in both. For example:
Strawberry Spiced Cheesecake 39ml (should this be 30ml?)
9 drops .08 grams Cheesecake (9 drops 0.18 grams? or 4 drops 0.08 grams?)
Lime Fuzzy
6 drops .04 grams Lime Wedge (6 drops 0.12 grams?)
6 drops .04 grams Cool Menthol (6 drops 0.12 grams?)

Anyway, it’s looking like I need to up my inventory of FLV flavors.


I’ve mixed and vaped both of these. Love the Strawberry Spiced Cheesecake as is. The Fuzzy Lime seems to be overpowered by the menthol to my tastebuds. Next time I mix it I’ll cut back on the menthol. Then again it may be caused by the high power series mech I was using. I’ll try it on something lower powered before I change it.

Love what you do on this site!


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