Black Tea

Black Tea is going to be a favorite, I can tell! On a sniff, it’s a good sturdy black tea and the ideas I can pick up with it, are many! Orange pekoe, strawberries, pears and other sweet fruits will be friends with this flavor. Comparable to a southern tea, without being too sweet, and there is no noticeable cooling with this flavor.

So far, I have used Black Tea in 10ml bottles at 2 drops or .04grams, 5 drops or .10grams, 7 drops .14grams and 10 drops .20grams

At 2 drops it was faint, and I admit, could hardly taste much at all.

At 5 drops, there it was, all waving at me! I got the tea, black, no fruits, no nothing, but pure tea, not exactly like Lipton’s but not shabby either. A pleasant surprise!

At 7 drops, it really got annoying, and my tongue was feeling all tea coated, sticky and just eh…

At 10 drops, it was back all liquidy smooth and to me, I felt like I was missing out on a few notes I picked up using the 5 drops..

This is why it took so long for this post, testing flavors out as solos, finding out how low to go and how high to work up; it does take time and the ability to pay attention to what your tongue tells you.

I feel this black tea will go with just about anything you can toss at it. it’s good and not too sweet, but if you plan on adding any sweetener, go slow and low, you wont need much. Fruits.. any and all fruits would love to take a swim in black tea! Creams, go light.. tooo much will drown out this beautiful flavor.. nuts, sure, add some in, and if you want a smooth vape, add some to tobacco and kick back.. 🙂


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