Here is the science in simple terms for all of the changed one goes thru after putting the smokes down.

  • Our bodies change (not just taste buds, but molecular, structurally) every:
  • 3 days
  • 3 weeks
  • 3 months
  • 3 years…

    So within 7 yrs, you are no longer the person you are today…

    This is why it is encouraged to change what profile you vape, to not only prevent what is called vaper’s tongue , but to also give you freedom to find out if you have other tastes, and play around with your mixes.

How to work with what you have is simple.

Every time you “change” you have wants needs and cravings Those are depending on what is changing and what has not.
Your equipment isn’t the same as the equipment you started on either, all of that changes.
It is a good idea to keep going over your flavors to find:

I can start to taste “X” flavor now at 2 drops… (or 10 what ever the case maybe).
This flavor at “X” spot tastes good or I can not stand “X” flavor at 10% .

Those 3 points in knowing your flavors will be the ones that can and will make and break a recipe, designed for yourself. Plucking random number because Joe Blow uses Strawberry at 15% so it must be good, is silly, because you are not “Joe Blow”.

Taste is very subjective, as well as the equipment you use . Experiment, change not only your recipes, but what equipment you use too.

Sometimes, changing things up can work the best.

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I hated fruit until a month ago and now I’m craving them. Definitely agree that our tastes change.