Flavor Notes


Ah yes, the sipping kind. On the rocks or just neat.. Bourbon is one of the most used in the beverage category!

Bourbon on the Rocks

Let’s talk on bourbon.. some say bourbon whiskey, I say just put some in my glass and let me just enjoy my drink! I know a few out there that love to use bourbon, the higher the better. I do believe it has a lot to do with diet, medications and how one perceives the taste of bourbon, that will affect your mixes. I am a really light drinker, I do enjoy cocktails and highballs. For me, myself, it really depends on my mood. Most the time I like the sipping style of hard liquor, and there is nothing wrong with that. Other times, I like the light mellow styles one can spin.

Usage, from .12% up to around .8% (mainly I hover between .4% and .6%) is more than enough for me. You might be different, and that is why I encourage everyone to start low on your own solos and raise it up. Find out where you start to taste, make a note. Then find out where you really are enjoying the flavor, make a note. Then raise it up higher and find where the flavor distorts. That is the secrete of working your solos. Without knowing this, you are just flopping flavors around and hoping for the best. 🙂

Before I share this recipe, realize I have run my tests, and this one really needs the steeping time.. at least 12 days to 21 days. This is a cigar; it is dipped in bourbon and an added sprinkle of nuts. When I created it, I was thinking on boat travels, and how land trips are not often. I could imagine an old fisherman, hunting for what to add into his “stoggy” and this is why this recipe is so light on everything, even the bourbon. You can still catch the nuances of bourbon, but what else is added, makes the real taste of the cigar become unique from all the rest of the cigar blended ejuices.

Smoky Blue’s New World Cigar 

Bourbon (Flavorah)0.06
Commercial Cigarette (Flavorah)0.40
Connecticut Shade (Flavorah)0.10
Cream (Flavorah)0.40
Cured Tobacco (Flavorah)0.20
Pralines (Flavorah)0.40

Flavor total: 1.56%

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Remember, this is a light cigar.. I hope you enjoy it! For the rest of my bourbon recipes, and I do have a lot! Click here!