Sign me up for the next bowl of brulee! This stuff is the bombdiggity! Huston, we need a bigger bottle, stat! 🙂 ymmv

This is what I am talking about, straight out of the gate, 1 drops .02 grams .2% I got that top coating of brulee going.. This is going to be strong!  3 drops .06 grams .6% wow! just wow.. sugar, torched sugar, a creamy, perhaps riced and creamy.. almost skeered to jerk it up higher, but higher I will gladly take it.. 8 drops .16 grams, 1.6% and I say stop here.. even tho it’s beautiful, I can tell this is the stopping point with me. Flavorah does flavors beautiful, really, but at a certain point, I feel a back taste, almost a chemical bit.. and knowing you can flavor push it thru.. presents again how flavor waste.. when I can get a beautiful taste at .06 grams in 10ml versus 3% usage… however.. for the sake of giggles.. I do have a tester I will revisit in 2 weeks, 2% or 10 drops, 2 grams worth in 10ml and see what happens..

I can see soo many recipes created with this, like rice puddings, fruits and brulees, nuts and fruits.. and even toss in some chocolates or cakes.. omg!! <3 beautiful flavor done right!

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