Red Tea

Red Tea? Oh my! Ok again, from The Spruce link you really need to read the article. I do believe, this is the Rooibos Tea. It’s not as black as black tea, and it’s a woodsy type taste. I tried it out as 4 new bottle drops in 10ml.. but I think I could go as high as 6 or .12g in 10ml..

A simple recipe I toyed with when I received the new bottles and flavors: Link here

As for the red tea, it’s a nice touch, red fruits won’t go too well with it, stick to pinks, yellows, or even the neutral fruits, like apples and pears.. Definitely a beautiful tea, and if you over do it, the first sign in a coating in your mouth. The second is that it becomes copying tea. I find this with all of the teas so far, but.. It could be me too.

I can see both of the Flavor honey types being used, very minimum amounts, the cloves and ginger, with all sorts of nuts creams and fruits. Do not be shy to try these out.. they are gorgeous and Flavorah really out did themselves here!

I know this is a short review, but I have new plans to keep adding to my notes here on site. So keep your eyes out, and any questions, there is the contact me, or anywhere on Facebook, either my profile or thru my page.

Crystals, Powders and Thoughts..

They say I am a legend. I don’t see where anyone can say that. I am just me, and yes, I am a flavor chaser. I love to play in flavors and make my world full of tastes!
This is not what this post is about, but I get a laugh when I hear legend.. 😉

Crystals and powders, oh my, what to do?
Well good friends don’t allow other friends to mix with junk! So let me tell you, why I pick what I do. From flavors to nicotine and additives, even base, for the best possible fresh tasting effect. For the thrill of good juice and even better times!

By choosing the crystal and powder form of additives, you choose when you mix them, you know they are the freshest, and your satisfaction of a better than decent outcome. What sparked my interest in these forms? Dealing with resellers and manufactures that had these mixed in ready to go forms, and not knowing how long they have sat on someone’s shelf. When I found out that Driphacks had some, I checked them out and was tickled to find even more than I thought. So yes, a shout out to them over in the UK! <3

You can mix these up at 10-25% per volume, to obtain something like what The flavor apprentice (tfa/tpf/fa) has, or you can do it my way. I like to take things by the tablespoon, and yeah I know what you will say, wtf! but it is true, simple fast, no measurement except for a tablespoon. You see, I like to mix my additives by the 4oz (120ml) so I am not mixing them up all the time. I probably use more than the average diyer, as well. so.. but rule of thumb, add till you see no more, and then add some more, for total saturation. You do not want to add so much that it can not be completely dissolved. If that happens, wait for it all to settle, around a few days, and then decant from the top. Dealing with crystals, you can grind them up or use whole chunks, like menthol crystals, and watch them melt into your base.

Once you get used to this method, you really will not need as much as what you would with the additives you buy from anywhere else. If less is more, and less is better.. shouldn’t your additives be just that as well? the way I use ws-5 is 3-6 bottle drops, or from .02 grams to .12 grams, and with AP,  and the rest of their crystals and powders,  around the same amount used. Mega strong! and you will save time and $ doing it this way. 🙂

If anyone has any questions, needs me to go into further detail, or runs across something new, be sure to give me a shout and tell me all about it.. I love to experiment! So far, drip hacks is the best! I will be back for more soon, I have a few on my list now!


If you are looking for something to boost your breads, wheat is the answer you are seeking. Want to know why, let’s continue..

If you think you need an added extra bit, to separate you from the crowd, to make those honey buns and cinnamon twirls, and especially cereals bounce, stand up or take a down note, wheat.. yeah, I am enjoying this one.

How I picked thru it, by drops still! I know, aggravating, aren’t I? 🙂 but it is true. One drop to change a liquid, one drop to change a taste, and one drop to rule the world! One drop of wheat, gives you a wiff, a taste, but you really need to start this one at 2 drops, .04 grams in 10mls to catch a wheat trail, 4 drops .08 grams in 10mls for a perfect wheat finish in your mix. That is the beginning of what I can call the taste zone, mixed with cereal at 4 drops.. crunchy wheat.. you need to try this. I wouldn’t really take it higher than this.. but it does depend on the nature of your juice and the statements you wish to convey. Taste is very subjective 😉

Yeah short and sweet this morning, I have mixes to catch up on today, shopping and more.. I hope you are enjoying the site, and let’s keep the flavors rolling! ~S

Smooth Vanilla

I know, I just know, Flavorah is going to outdo themselves again and yes!! This here.. this smooth vanilla is a big surprise.. one I can say I appreciate! Find out more? Are you ready?


This is NOT a flavor! Not in the typical sense, it is an additive. I will keep this short & very sweet, I love you, Flavorah, but this should have had a warning, first for strength, second, I am addicted! and YES Please, big bottle. My experience: 1 drop .02 grams in 10mls, is omg delish, heavy but good.. this combined with the Alpine and it is a true winner.. mouth melting, i had to go whip up a 30ml with 1 drop smooth vanilla and 2 drops Alpine Strawberry and I yes, love it!! a smooth, sweet strawberry with hints of the finest vanilla, oh my!! But it took me a few to realize what this is, an additive, for you see, 2 drops .04 grams, or .4% is too much, it starts to turn bitter.. and at first I thought, maybe I had something on my brand new cotton and coil.. but no, for 4 drops in 10mls, in my mouth and out my nose, wow.. let’s just say I had to go find my netti pot and flush my poor nose out, that already suffers from the flu bug last week.

I am not complaining, do not take this as a rant, this is one of the very best, surprising vanilla’s I have ever come across. I am truly appreciating it in my simple strawberry and vanilla blend here atm, might even toss in some cool menthol.. wow.. I am in love!! with a creamy vanilla strawberry lol.. Get ready, will be after a big bottle next week. See you guys soon! xoxo and thank you for this one. You know how much I begged for it.. 🙂


If you are looking for something that is just gush-worthy, this mighty fine nectarine is just spot on! I crashed before I could post this up, but I know I had squishy dreams chasing nectarines around last night!

This is what they look like.. a very smooth skinned peach! Tasty has nothing on these and the bottle I received will not last long.. let’s go do this! First, last night I wanted to see just how strong it can be in my magic 10ml bottles.. I started with 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 drops.. I tested the 1 drop first and omg.. in 1 drop, .02 grams yes, this is a sweet. almost a peach, and then I crashed, dreaming of trees of peaches and nectarines. My favorite fruit. Ok well in the pile of favorites! going to 2 drops, .04 grams or .4% the full nectarine is there, the sweet smooth peachy taste, light, but it is all there. Moving along to the 4 drops .08 grams I can tell the increased taste has improved and just makes me want more!! At 6 drops .12 grams its there.. but not a big change, in fact I think something is a bit muddled.. I still get the nectarine, but its not as bright as the 4 drop one.. not sure.. it’s still good, maybe I had a duh moment? Moving on to 8 drops, .16 grams 1.6% It isn’t me.. I think at higher than 1% or 5 drops per 10, it will start to muddle and chemtrail out on me. I am sure if you wanted to push it to 2% and higher, it will be a flavor waste.. keep this one under 1% and you will be fine..

Recipe Ideas: Fruit blends with like flavors, apricots and guanabana, or soursop, used with jackfruit, it can tone down sharper edges; mixed with bourbon and cream for a nice smooth after dinner drink. Cobblers with nectarine and peach for a contrast, cookies and even yogurts.. have fun with this cool flavor and grab a big bottle! 🙂


Another, open the bottle and immediately drool! If this tastes just like it smells, Flavorah is going to be so busy this fall! WoW! Whiffs of what I like to call fuzzy, nutty, and almost a butterish effect.. if you know how to bring the buttery out 😉 but on to the flavor itself!!

This is exactly perfect hazelnuts trapped in a bottle, waiting on some unsuspecting person to go ahead and discover just how good it is! Using my 10ml bottles again, and 2 drops .04 grams and again.. this is why they are called ultra concentrates.. there is the nutty, fuzzy nutty taste I expected! 4 drops .08 grams and oh wow, bam in my mouth and nose, where is my coffee at? Yes, taste testing like this, I like to have coffee and a bag of doritos, cool ranch preferred, but regular is fine too.. sometimes, even chocolate will help to clear out your pallet. 4 drops is strong! Amazing.. hazelnut at it’s finest, solo. In fact, it is a bit too strong for me here, but I know I run a little bit lighter than most people. The more I vape on the 4 drops, no, I can not take this any higher, as the common phrase is, not tonight, huni! 🙂

Mind you, I did this taste test last night.. and tonight, I am trying out a 6 drop .12 gram 1.2% and I think I ruined my cotton with hazelnut. I still stand, this is strong, you want to go easy, and treat it as a friend and not gallop over to 2% or even 4%.. this will blow you away with the awesome good nutty taste it has.. even as just .4%

Recipe Ideas: coffees, first.. more nuts, tobaccos, custards and creams. Fruits oh yes.. but it will have a spot in my Hazelnut Butter recipe for sure! 🙂


Oh boy, granola, where do I start with you? ? Where, with the clusters of oats, the maple, is it toasted lightly or dark? Just what is in this bottle I have? Let’s find out!

Just by smelling it, it hits me there is a lot of dried fruits, maple-ish notes, and yes, hints of oats, granola!! (side note, it could make for an interesting trail mix variety too, but digressing!) 2 drops .04 grams .4% i get sweet maple (and the hiccups! ) and oats.. light, very light.. but that is what I am tasting.. next moving to 4 drops .08 grams.. wow.. ok, one more vape, fig? maple fig, darker oaty taste, heavy darker.. nice!! Oh I can see this playing nice in a ton of things.. even a color change in my 10ml bottle, slight, but it is there.. I do not think my camera could do it justice to snap a pic, but at a later date on maturity, I would expect juices made with this to achieve a golden, or darker golden hue. Moving on.. 6 drops .12 grams, and I think I know what this is.. it’s more like a homemade granola bar, like those breakfast bars, made in the kitchen, instead of store bought! Wow, just blow my mind! Not much fruit other than a fig/raisin, maybe some nuts, almond, pecan type, and roasted oats… very very well done!! Now for 8 drops .16 grams 1.6% not much more different than the 6 dropper one.. hmm.. not the same, the maple is in front tho.. the fruits just dropped off.. the oats.. it’s just muddled… hmm.. maybe in a few days they might all pop out.. unsure.. will retest.. after I put an order in for a large bottle 🙂

Recipe Ideas… yogurts, with fruits and more nuts.. right off the top.. but i can see this used as a stand alone too.. maybe with extra graham cracker in it.. If I added it to tobaccos, the tobacco would have to be a dry tobacco.. no desert types, the granola would get lost. I’d def use some citruses to break up the thick on the maple.. and highlight the dark tail end I get at maybe a 5 drop per 10ml usage.. 😉


Oh my, how I really just drool on this one particular flavor. Dang it, just opening the bottle, brings memories. I won’t go into too many details, just know, this is the same moscato that I can call mine.

Running the moscato in my 10mls, started out with 2 drops, .04 grams and yes it is there.. you can tell there is some sort of alcohol type taste, what it is is unsure, so moving to my 4 drop .08 gram bottle and yes, light grape-y type taste is what I am getting, no sparkles yet, but I know I have some sort of sparkles here in these bottles, hiding and waiting for me to find it… pushing to 6 drops .12 grams or 1.2% and yes… my happy spot is here! oh yes! I won’t say this has bubbles, it’s not champagne, it’s definitely a good sparkling wine, moscato at it’s finest, almost sweet and almost tart, wine! I could push it higher, I might at a later date, in the tub with bubbles.. but for now, I am content, very happy, to have this moscato..

For pairings, I can see adding in some apple cider for a more mulled approach, misc assorted fruits like apples, cranberries, or even raspberries.. I might even have a toss with some nuts or even tobaccos to make a brighter appearance and taste.. there really isnt too much for drawbacks, and if you want to impress your friends, better get a big bottle, before I do!

Lembas Bread

This one flavor (and a few others, ok a lot of the others) came from around the time I tossed a contest on Facebook.. I have to say at the time, I just casually glanced and thought oh.. another bread.. cool.. but.. even tho i am a huge hobbit fan.. it didn’t hit me, this is too cool and yeah, I am gushing.. haha!! What a fun and delightful flavor! Yes.. and just in time for the fall.. I can see this one will be used a bunch of times.. fun fantasy type smells wow.. and I’d love to share this flavor with the person that requested it. So I am looking for you! I know you are out there somewhere! Contact me so I can share a small bottle with you! Meantime, on to the flavor, itself!

Now let me see if I can do this one some justice! At 2 drops, .04 grams, I get a sugary powdery almost bready note.. something like that pastry zest is in there.. at 4 drops, .08 grams .8% I get almost a fruity, like (maybe it is because I just finished up apricots, but I swear) I think I taste apricot, maybe an orange, or pineapple.. and the reason I am unsure is that it is a tiny bit muddled.. but keep in mind.. this is a fantasy bread type, hang with me.. I get a spice! maybe a raisin? a date? (Date? Hot man? I wish! LoL) bumping it up to 6 drops, .12 grams, 1.2% doesnt really clear it up better, but no noticeable chem trails, no mute spaces.. not really sure on muddling.. on to 8 drops .16 grams 1.6% and still about the same, but this time, there is the muddle.. dammit.. just a light muddle, but it could be me… will raise it to 10 drops .2 grams 2% and weird, I get like a cool sensation on my tongue, sitting here, drinking coffee and yes, this does have a cool aspect here somewhere in the flavor.. raisin/date.. oranges.. the bread is light.. not a fluffy, but not a flat bread.. in the middle.. maybe the muddle is not there.. will keep a 2% around and retest it later. 🙂

All in all, I can see this perhaps bumping up the bread with some macaroon.. maybe adding more fruits.. or ginger.. or how about adding the yakima hops and turning this bread into a drink! We could do that as well 🙂 Mead! 🙂 ha! I hope everyone will have fun playing around with this one, and please, share some recipes if you try it! Love to see what others might come up with on this one. 🙂


Sign me up for the next bowl of brulee! This stuff is the bombdiggity! Huston, we need a bigger bottle, stat! 🙂 ymmv

This is what I am talking about, straight out of the gate, 1 drops .02 grams .2% I got that top coating of brulee going.. This is going to be strong!  3 drops .06 grams .6% wow! just wow.. sugar, torched sugar, a creamy, perhaps riced and creamy.. almost skeered to jerk it up higher, but higher I will gladly take it.. 8 drops .16 grams, 1.6% and I say stop here.. even tho it’s beautiful, I can tell this is the stopping point with me. Flavorah does flavors beautiful, really, but at a certain point, I feel a back taste, almost a chemical bit.. and knowing you can flavor push it thru.. presents again how flavor waste.. when I can get a beautiful taste at .06 grams in 10ml versus 3% usage… however.. for the sake of giggles.. I do have a tester I will revisit in 2 weeks, 2% or 10 drops, 2 grams worth in 10ml and see what happens..

I can see soo many recipes created with this, like rice puddings, fruits and brulees, nuts and fruits.. and even toss in some chocolates or cakes.. omg!! <3 beautiful flavor done right!