Crystals, Powders and Thoughts..

They say I am a legend. I don’t see where anyone can say that. I am just me, and yes, I am a flavor chaser. I love to play in flavors and make my world full of tastes!
This is not what this post is about, but I get a laugh when I hear legend.. 😉

Crystals and powders, oh my, what to do?
Well good friends don’t allow other friends to mix with junk! So let me tell you, why I pick what I do. From flavors to nicotine and additives, even base, for the best possible fresh tasting effect. For the thrill of good juice and even better times!

By choosing the crystal and powder form of additives, you choose when you mix them, you know they are the freshest, and your satisfaction of a better than decent outcome. What sparked my interest in these forms? Dealing with resellers and manufactures that had these mixed in ready to go forms, and not knowing how long they have sat on someone’s shelf. When I found out that Driphacks had some, I checked them out and was tickled to find even more than I thought. So yes, a shout out to them over in the UK! <3

You can mix these up at 10-25% per volume, to obtain something like what The flavor apprentice (tfa/tpf/fa) has, or you can do it my way. I like to take things by the tablespoon, and yeah I know what you will say, wtf! but it is true, simple fast, no measurement except for a tablespoon. You see, I like to mix my additives by the 4oz (120ml) so I am not mixing them up all the time. I probably use more than the average diyer, as well. so.. but rule of thumb, add till you see no more, and then add some more, for total saturation. You do not want to add so much that it can not be completely dissolved. If that happens, wait for it all to settle, around a few days, and then decant from the top. Dealing with crystals, you can grind them up or use whole chunks, like menthol crystals, and watch them melt into your base.

Once you get used to this method, you really will not need as much as what you would with the additives you buy from anywhere else. If less is more, and less is better.. shouldn’t your additives be just that as well? the way I use ws-5 is 3-6 bottle drops, or from .02 grams to .12 grams, and with AP,  and the rest of their crystals and powders,  around the same amount used. Mega strong! and you will save time and $ doing it this way. 🙂

If anyone has any questions, needs me to go into further detail, or runs across something new, be sure to give me a shout and tell me all about it.. I love to experiment! So far, drip hacks is the best! I will be back for more soon, I have a few on my list now!

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy, oh joy! This one has some history. It’s not just em in a bottle, so don’t even think it. You must, must experience this flavor for yourself. The things done I have did with it haha! From using it to thicken up ejuice, to adding a touch of sweet, to using it just as a cotton candy taste, and as a texturizer, this is a versatile flavor and a must have in your bag. I have added this to fruits, nuts, chocolates as well as tobaccos, for everything under the tongue, sweet, texture, filling, and more!

I won’t go thru the testing bits much longer, I hope by now you understand, solo testing is only where you, the mixer will find your own spots. Me telling you how I did it, is only an example, and my taste buds might just vary from yours. I will say I have used cotton candy from .04 grams in 30ml all the way up to .18 grams in 30ml. This flavor does have a chem limit, but it is up to you to find your stopping points. Not me. 😉

Cotton Candy Cuppy Cakes! 30ml

9 drops .18 grams Cotton Candy
6 drops .12 grams Strawberry
3 drops .06 grams Blueberry
6 drops .12 grams Frosting
6 drops .12 grams Pound cake
3 drops .06 grams Cupcake Batter
3 drops .06 grams Cheesecake

My Cuppy Cakes need at least 3 days to sit around and become happy, even better after 5 days.. nothing special.. just mix and forget.. After a week it will really come together.. and as usual, I am not responsible for empty bottles.. 🙂

Cool Menthol

At first I wanted to call Cool Menthol an additive, but that isn’t the case at all! It really is a flavor. It has its pros, like cool refreshing and that is the best, however that menthol! It is really good, but very mild. I think most shy away from this due to the menthol in the name, but if you are looking to create a cool refreshing taste, this is the flavor you will want to use, just don’t be shy about it.

To test it out, I ran my 10ml bottles out, from 2 drops to 10 drops, just to be a bit freaky, and what I discovered is, that I must crave, at least in the summer, a higher amount than my normal usages. In the 2 drop .04 grams bottle, I found it extremely light, but it was there.. at 4 drops .08 grams, it is a light, coo. and refreshing bit.. but it tends to fade out within a few weeks (that is one of the issues using things like this as well as koolada and ws23, ws3, etc as it will fade out) at 6 drops .12 grams it becomes a bit stronger, and in the range of what I really crave right now, but it leaves a bit of a taste back I just cant stand. Using 8 drops .16 grams in 10ml is just way too much and maybe it might be me, but it zeros itself out and totally mutes within a few days.

So the con is that used too much, it can not only mute itself, but other flavors in the juice too.. slow and steady with this one.. find your own limit.

Poolside Slushy 30ml

9 drops .18 grams Dragon Fruit
6 drops .12 grams Blueberry
3 drops .06 grams Acai
6 drops .12 grams Cream
2 drops .04 grams Alpine Strawberry
6 drops .12 grams Cool Menthol

Let it sit up over night, then take to the pool.. nice on a hot summer day to kick back with friends, while enjoying the summer blue berry days, just chilling! 🙂

Flavor Overuse – My Opinion!

I run across this at least a few times a day, flavor overuse. What is it? It’s when you do not do solo tast testing, starting from low flavor and raise it up, keeping notes on what you taste, when and where and even equipment matters. It’s when you guess at a starting point and then think: well it taste good here, only to discover now you can’t taste certain other juices. It’s when you see other people using it at that amount and assuming it is good right there, they like it, so you must like it too.  Hydration, medicine, diet, exercise too, all plays a part.

Example: Can’t taste juice -ecf. <More for zombie tongue, not flavor overload. but the effects of over flavoring are very very similar!

Taste bud damage is more than when you vape one particular juice profile repeatedly, rather your “buds” no longer taste that one flavor or juice. I have seen this happen with blue raspberry mixes, as well as other flavors and juices around. Flavor overload can and will do damage with repeated use of over flavoring. Are you over using your flavors? How do you know? If you do not test them from the very lowest to the very highest, you will not see the zombie effect this particular manufacture has, so how can you tell? By reading every recipe every review, talk to people that use this flavor line!

I have almost 2 yrs working with ultra concentrates, so yes I can base all of this on my own experiences. More on taste buds, up next, so please hang with me and keep reading!

Your taste buds regenerate every 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 years. At the 3 year mark, the entire “live” buds will have completely regenerated. There are some that die off and never ever come back. I can not prove the link to zombie tongue, but it does follow that pattern. I believe this is why your “tastes” change, but I could be wrong.

What I have noticed with Flavorah, is if you follow my blog here, and use drops, starting from 1-2 drops in 10ml and work up, you can easily find where you like a flavor at. From there, look at the amount. Then if you feel all froggy, and want to experiment, raise the flavors higher and higher, then maybe you will believe me, it will lead you back to what I have coined, zombie flavors.

You can push past the chemical and mutation parts, using more flavor than you really need, and have the flavor “come back”, bringing out only the higher notes of the flavor “peeking” or topping up, and then the lower notes disappearing, yet still achieve the same taste as you would using 3-7 drops .06 grams – .18 grams, because your tongue can’t tell the lower notes are gone, but they do disappear. This is what I call flavor waste. Too much flavor and spending too much money on something, if you had experimented with, could save you money, time and flavorings. It will also kill off your “buds” to where you will not taste flavors you like at lower amounts, unnoticed, until you end up with a juice from me or others that mix with my levels.

Once you go high on flavors, your taste buds change to reflect this. We can become so accustomed to those mixes that are “in your face”, that when juice testing or even vaping favorite juices, your taste buds are in a constant state of shock. It will make you feel like you can not vape anything below a higher threshold.

How to fix, or repair the damage? By stepping down slowly, just like how you would do to step down from nicotine in your eliquids. It’s that simple, and go slow.

I just know what works for me, and what and how to turn out top shelf juice. I want to taste my juice, the high and low notes, and I want it rich and just decedent to my tongue! I know that if I keep it at a reasonable amount, being that Flavorah is an ultra concentrate, not a standard flavoring, lower is better, less is more, and less is better for you. I also see it as this, if it cost me “x” amount to get the full high and low notes of each flavor, and when someone else is using a higher amount, cost comes into play. You spend more, to use more, when you need less, and spend less. Out of all of this however, you and your tongue as well as judgement on what tastes good to you,  might be different from my views and tastes.

I know this is a repeated post, but the more I keep seeing people using Flavorah at higher amounts, the more I cringe! However, in the end, how you want your flavors is on you. You are in control of how your flavors react, and it does make a difference. If you like it at 3%, 5% 9% and even 13%, go for it. I just wonder, am I coming in loud and clear yet? Is anyone out there paying attention?

FLV Bottle Caps!

Issues on the FLV bottle caps. I have heard already even tho I am not in “all groups” or sites, there have been a few complaints on the caps, bottles and tips. I too have had a few problems, but resolved them rather well. There is a secret to opening them, without the cap falling apart, the bottle ripping open, and even with this tip, the nipple tip might still get stuck inside. You won’t lose a single drop, if you do this careful, I swear!

When you are attempting to open it, don’t force it, if it wont snap the security tab off with a light, and I mean light twist, Try my method. If you look carefully here, your cap is connected to your security tab. (this is not a childproof bottle, but it is there to show you your product has not been tampered with, after filling and capping it) There are tiny connectors in between, around 5-7 of them total.

Here is how to uncap your bottle, without cap damage, Fan Girl style..


Now, while this is not be “the right way/sterile” you can sterilize a knife or a pair of scissors to break the seal for you. This is the easiest way, and the quickest I have found, where you will not spill one drop, nor damage the bottles and caps! Remember to be safe, watch what you are doing, and if anything spills, it is not my fault. Practice makes perfect. We are all human and you know I care about the flavors and keeping it all happy! 🙂

I hope this helps a bit.. leave a comment one way the other. One last thing to say, I have found no bottle as safe, great for storage or as efficient as these, if you take care of them! Not saying anyone is at fault, things do happen. <3

More flavor reviews sometime this week, as I do have a bunch more coming! Stay cool!

Help with Recipes, using math!

I have had a few people asking me, Smoky, just how do I put in my recipe to calculators like “ELR” so.. mini tutorial for you all.

First, I picked out a recipe from here, using my drops and grams, Butterscotch Pudding.

Here is the recipe for it, as I posted it on the butterscotch page:


Butterscotch Pudding 30ml

9 drops .18 grams Butterscotch
6 drops .12 grams Marshmallow
6 drops .12 grams Vanilla Pudding
3 drops .06 grams White Chocolate

Ok, so this is the heart of the recipe, where all the numbers are! Now what?

Head over to ELR and create a new recipe, like this:

I added in all of my info. I don’t use nic, not often. and my base is all vg. So check that done. Enter your flavors, and recheck the recipe for butterscotch.



Using the numbers from the first flavor:
9 drops 9 drops .18 grams Butterscotch

I also added in, my drops are 50, to create 1ml. (You might want to measure yours out to see how many you get) No, all drops are not the same, however, I use the FLV bottles for my dropper tips and always come out on the right side of things.

EDIT: Thanks to my bestie vaper BonBon, she noticed and posted on the fb page:  It’s not showing up right on there. What you have to do is divide your drops by 3 so u can figure out how many drops per 10ml. Then take the drop amount and times it buy 0.2….0.2% equals 1 drop. So 9 drops dived by 3 equals 3. Then multiple that by 0.2 and you get 0.6…0.6% is what your percentage is for 9 drops in a 30ml.

So whatever your weight is, divide it by “3” to get your percentage.

It’s still a bit rough, but it should help you out a bit better to share the recipes you create to anyone needed.





I have a feeling I could be here, stuck in the land of cheesecake for a very very long time! However, I can’t. Cooking dinner for my son and we haven’t had much time together, due to the sales and contest I have run.. so this will be the last one for tonight, I know!

At first, I really couldn’t get into this flavor, to me, it lacked the sharp, tangy cheesecake bits, we all love in the NY cheesecakes. It was more creamy than anything, but if you took it up too high, it’s like tasting just cheese. I have gone over and over, how I find my spots, and I hope it is starting to click now, use drops, go low and work high, be patient, and keep at it. If I need to add how I did it here with this flavor, I can on request. To actually build a good recipe with this flavor, I got to thinking, what will give this some oomph, some pizzazz, and really turn it out for the best, so with a little tinkering and a small sample of what this flavor can do for your mixes, let’s start off with..

Tiramisu Cheesecake 30ml

12 drops .24 grams Cheesecake
6 drops .12 grams Vanilla Pudding
6 drops .12 grams Cream
2 drops .04 grams Greek Yogurt
1 drops .02 grams Chocolate Deutsch
3 drops .06 grams Crunch cereal
3 drops .06 grams Cookie dough
1 drops .02 grams Coffee

The vanilla pudding and cream support the cheesecake without overloading it down in creaminess too heavy, and the yogurt makes the cheesecake just pop all over! the way I did the coffee and crusty bits make the tiramisu just all tasty. You might need to raise these amounts up if using a tank, but for a dripper, it’s a spot on taste! 🙂


cream cheese icing

Cream Cheese Icing *Stone* mix
10ml bottle
Use as a new flavor, running around 2-4 drops per 10ml

2.00 grams Cheesecake (Flavorah)
2.00 grams Cream (Flavorah)
1.00 grams Marshmallow (Flavorah)
2.00 grams Cotton Candy (Flavorah)
1.00 grams Greek Yogurt (Flavorah)
1.00 grams Vanilla Bean (Flavorah)
1.00 grams Sweetness (Flavorah)

I had someone ask me how to turn this into a stone, made adjustments. ~S.


Sticky, sweet and oh my gosh so good, caramel! I know this flavor and what all it can do, by experience. I see it being overused and abused, but I won’t go there, as it does depend on the recipe and who is mixing it at what level of mix experience they have. For me, it’s a smooth caramel, delicious in most things I add it to, either as a supporting flavor or a main, this flavor is fantastic!

How I found my spots, is the same as all the rest. I grabbed up about (5) 10ml bottles and went thru my drops, 2 drops .02 grams, 4 drops .08 grams, 6 drops .12 grams and 8 drops .16 grams. I let these sit for about 3 days, shaking them every few hours; no other steeping tricks. The 2 drops was a very light caramel, and can see that being used as a sweetener at that level. Going to 4 drops, I got a good caramel type, not quiet as a solo, but then I rarely see caramel used as an only flavor, but it is possible it has been. at 6 drops, it starts to get really thick, way too much in my face type, with a taste on it that reminds me of burnt bits, def overdoing it there at 6 drops! So then I went 8 drops, and I just knew i’d be in trouble, but no I was not, not as bad as I thought, and it brings me again, back to my article flavor pushing zombies.

So this brings up, less is more than you really think, especially using it at more than needed. If you ever noticed, those full in your face flavor type juices going bad faster, if you keep a light to moderate hand making juice, it will last longer, and you will enjoy it better. You can retrain your tastebuds. YES! If you do a slow step down, like you would do with your nicotine intake. It is possible, and please do not give up, just practice more! Now how about a good recipe?

Caramel Coffee Brulee 30ml

12 drops .24 grams Caramel
9 drops .18 grams Vanilla Custard
3 drops .06 grams Vanilla Pudding
3 drops .06 grams Cinnamon Crunch
1 drops .02 grams Coffee

Creamy, rich, smooth and oh so good! You might want to let this sit around for a few days to mingle and play. Go big so you won’t run out of this one too fast! 😛

Edit: if you want more cinnamon/pumpkin spice/ginger then increase the recipe to at least 60ml, if not 120ml. Use 1-2 drops per 60ml for pumpkin spice, 1-2 drops per 120ml for more cinnamon.. If you’d like, sub out either or the creams for some good Irish cream, or Cream de Menthe! 🙂

Testing solo flavors

Testing solo flavors can be challenging! Only if you are unsure of a manufacture or a new flavor, you might find yourself wondering, how to come up with what kind of measurement.

First, lets chat on how:  volume (%) vs weight (g). Volume is pretty easy… measuring cups, syringes, oral measures, basically anything with linear markings. Weight is even easier, with a bonus with today’s digital scales.  While I just stated what the differences are, I won’t go much further into the technical, other than weight is more accurate and is the leading standard of measurement in most flavor labs.  This is what I hold to, and how I post my recipes here on site.

The #1 killer for me is not taking or losing my notes! I encourage everyone to document, record, keep track, how ever which way you want to, but do keep up with your notes in a safe manner. Remember, if it is online and on someone else’s site..  it’s easy to drop a database and those secret recipes are no longer hush hush! It is alright to post works in progress, but those recipes near and dear, keep them safe.

Drops! I do believe I have come full circle on the “drop” issue. Years ago, we were told, and even tho it does still hold true, not all drops are alike! I could pop up pretty images here of all different sized nipple tips, but it’s late tonight. I can say here with my flavors, and most other ultra concentrate companies, off we have in common, besides how strong our flavors are, is the tip! Yes I went there! flavorah’s tip size on their bottles is perfect. Each drop will weigh out to around .0178 and .0213 grams. To make it simple and with ease of use, without getting into specific gravitates etc., I do round mine up and down to a common number and it’s .02 grams per bottle drop. It’s really that easy! So you have choices here on if you want to just guess by using volume, or try to become as accurate as you can be. Oh the bonus, I did forget! Not much clean up, and no messy measuring tools! Your choice.

Now for finding out about your flavors. First, pick out a manufacture. Know where they “stand” in the flavor field. Are they a solo creator, or do they work with a major flavor house? Are they a private party, like myself working for a private lab, or do they have a field when they mainly use their flavors? Next, go on and snag a few flavors, take the plunge and pick things you personally would like to enjoy tasting. Stay with small sizes for now, so if you find you do not like the way they make strawberry, it wont be as big of a loss if you had gone bigger. Once you have it, then the next step is finding all your gear (scales, gloves, etc) and creating your “zone”.

Your “zone” area should be clean and neat, away from kids, pets, heat, dirt, etc., No electronics other than your scales (interference can happen).  The next step is finding out if you have a regular, super or ultra flavor. A general guide would be like this, using a 1 ounce bottle as example:

regular flavors(tfa/cap)      usage:  6g to  30g*
super flavors(FA)                usage:  .15g to  1.2g*
ultra flavors(NV/FLV/TS)    usage: .02g to . 1.2g*

*First, these are just general averages, second is my point is showing how these flavors do decrease, as the strength of the flavorings increase.  This is why I say, it pays to know your flavor maker! Moving along..

If you get a hold of Flavorah, and mind you, these are only my suggestions on my page, on my site.. this is how I recommend you to try these out. I realize not every one of us has resources to burn thru, nor have all sizes etc.. and you might find there might be a few flavors you will be tempted to “cut” or dilute. My views on dilutions.. don’t. Just no. Go larger and become better at accuracy. How I set mine up is I do what is called “runners” I run the flavors out in 10ml bottles, using 1 drop and building up. That averages out to around 15-20 10ml bottles holding 10ml, a total of 120ml per flavor run. I do 5 flavors at a time and I do not test all “strawberry” at one time. I stagger them with the 5 flavor varieties and jot my notes down.

Will I show images? No. Just like you value your privacy (or some do not) I do, and I have to abide by my lab’s rules as they wish to remain private.  I am sorry if I am letting anyone down, as that is not my intention, but I have to follow work rules, even tho this is my fan site for Flavorah, I am limited at showing off what I work with.

Your tastes matter, so does your choices in what and how you mix. I can only wish you lots of good luck!


Flavor Care, Take care of your flavors!

Here is my memo for today, on Flavor care.

Taken from one of my notes:

Every concentrated flavor is a mixture of raw materials, and every flavor blend can act differently. For example flavors that have a vanilla characteristic are going to have slightly different storage capabilities than fruit flavors. Here’s the reason : vanilla and caramel flavors are mostly made of large molecules like vanillin, ethyl vanillin , etc.; we call them compounds in a finished flavoring.

Whenever you open a bottle, it’s the lightest and smallest molecules that escape and reach your nose quickly. Over time when you open a bottle over and over again more and more proportion of these lighter molecules leave the bottle and eventually the character of the flavor will be changed. This doesn’t mean the flavors spoiled, it’s just different. So this is one piece of advice, if you are going to store a flavor for a long period of time, transfer the flavor to smaller bottles that will you will not have to open over and over again.

When a flavor is warm, like if it’s a hot day, when you open the bottle even more of the volatile molecules will escape, much more will escape than if the flavor was cool. This is true for all liquids, when liquids are heated the molecules are much more easily converted to their gaseous state. This is also the reason why you should not be “top off” on creating your juices, as they depend on the gases to help steep into your base mix.

HDPE plastic, is very resistant to interaction with the flavors.
However, even with HDPE plastic, I really wouldn’t recommend storing them for longer than a month or so.. It’s much better to store things long-term in glass, or PET bottles, and it is not a good idea at all to store the flavors with the plastic eyedropper caps on the bottles. The rubber that’s used with the eyedropper’s is extremely soft and interacts with the flavoring. Some Flavors can appear to eat into, and other flavors will demolish rubber dropper tops, depending on the compounds inside them.

I hope this helps in understanding how to manage your flavors, and as usual, any questions, just ask!