The Avocado is rather interesting, as I really do not eat much, unless it is in guacamole! I did find this link that has started me on a few experiments. I must be brave and tinker with the avocado a bit more..

As a solo.. I ran this thru the paces I know, and I find it gets really intense used in higher amounts. It also has so many uses, more so than any other creamy type flavor that Flavorah has. Let me begin. I used my handy dandy 10ml set and started it off like this..

Avocado doesn’t appear to come out of the new bottle tip right. It takes more, so the specific gravity on Avocado is lighter than the rest of the flavors. I will have to pull my large scale out and double check, in case there is something wrong with my tip, or it could be the flavor.

At 4 drops or .02grams . its not really there.. barely can taste it.. uggg..

At 6 drops or .03 grams it is there, creamy with a hint of nut.. hmm.. but its not a “in your face” type deal.

At 8 drops or .4grams it is there.. right here is spot on Avocado.. in fact, it’s a bit much after a week.

You get the creamy almost nutty taste between 6-8 drops.. if I were to mix it higher, I’d run it at 5 drops per 10, mixed with other goodies, between 4-6 drops.. It really is a fantastic flavor that begs to be played with!


Black Tea

Black Tea is going to be a favorite, I can tell! On a sniff, it’s a good sturdy black tea and the ideas I can pick up with it, are many! Orange pekoe, strawberries, pears and other sweet fruits will be friends with this flavor. Comparable to a southern tea, without being too sweet, and there is no noticeable cooling with this flavor.

So far, I have used Black Tea in 10ml bottles at 2 drops or .04grams, 5 drops or .10grams, 7 drops .14grams and 10 drops .20grams

At 2 drops it was faint, and I admit, could hardly taste much at all.

At 5 drops, there it was, all waving at me! I got the tea, black, no fruits, no nothing, but pure tea, not exactly like Lipton’s but not shabby either. A pleasant surprise!

At 7 drops, it really got annoying, and my tongue was feeling all tea coated, sticky and just eh…

At 10 drops, it was back all liquidy smooth and to me, I felt like I was missing out on a few notes I picked up using the 5 drops..

This is why it took so long for this post, testing flavors out as solos, finding out how low to go and how high to work up; it does take time and the ability to pay attention to what your tongue tells you.

I feel this black tea will go with just about anything you can toss at it. it’s good and not too sweet, but if you plan on adding any sweetener, go slow and low, you wont need much. Fruits.. any and all fruits would love to take a swim in black tea! Creams, go light.. tooo much will drown out this beautiful flavor.. nuts, sure, add some in, and if you want a smooth vape, add some to tobacco and kick back.. 🙂


Eisai Tea

Eisai Tea otherwise known as Japanese Green Tea.. and right out the bottle, smells so delish! Green tea, with maybe some sort of fruity bit? A cooling sensation is present, but that is to be expected. 4 bottle drops from the new bottle give me .08 grams in a 10ml bottle, and it’s light.

Something I found on youtube:

Do you know how hard it is on writing about a flavor you have never tasted before?
Very! However I can say this is a thicker green tea, I can see it would be a bit more fibrous from the other green tea, as it does have a texture.  It’s very nice and if one of my fans could send me some haha! I would appreciate it.

I can see this as something to go with strawberries, blueberries and other fruits. Its sweet but tea tasting. As a solo, I can pick out an herb-y type foreground taste, and it’s really not bad at all, tasty! This could top cheesecakes and danishes would go beautiful.. maybe an apple cinnamon danish, with Eisai tea.. yes.. Pears would be a bit too much, maybe with the other green tea..

Kinako Soy

According to The Spruce link, “Kinako is one of many Japanese ingredients made from soybeans. It is dried, milled and roasted soy bean flour. It is golden tan in color and has a powdery texture similar to that of all purpose flour. It has a warm, toasted and nutty aroma, and its flavors are similarly nutty and slightly reminiscent of roasted peanuts.”

Ok, cool.. flour flavor lmao.. hmm.. what the heck! I did my standard 4 drops in 10ml and let it sit up 3 days.. and the weird thing is.. I am picking up the flour, and I get a powdered effect all inside my mouth. Very little roasted nut, so might try backing down and using 2 drop in 10ml.

I still have yet to toy with a good recipe.. I have gotten the flour out of my mouth now.. thinking on a few things.. will report back once I have something working. Single flavor test at 2 drops from the new bottle, 10ml is much better.. I think this is comparable to the pastry zest. Might be a start for a good recipe, will see.

Here is the trick to the kinako soy, use with a form of bread/cookie/macaroon etc and the helper is Pastry Zest!

Blueberry Pancakes!

Green Tea

Green Tea, I am guessing is a generic green tea. I have yet to try it.. I do have it steeping atm, 4 bottle drops in 10ml.. After trying this one out, and I have now confirmed, this is as close to the official Lipton’s green tea. I see a lot of citrus going nice with this one.. creams, and neutral fruits.. be cautious that you do not drown out the green tea effects.

As far as usage, keep this one between .2 and .4% I find any higher and it starts to go zombie out at .6 and up.. and when it comes back it will lose a few notes. It really does not take much using Flavorah, at all! That is the beauty of these flavors as they are done just right.

Smell test, smells just like the American Green tea, like Lipton’s Green Tea. I bet again, fruits, creams and honey will go nicely with this. I did combine it with the Eisai Tea.. and it did not work out too swift..

Tastes.. Chill green tea, lightly sweetened. Nice!! I might have to play with some Alpine Strawberry and perhaps some White Chocolate, for candies.. Even a Blood Orange and pear will be good with this totally good tea.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet and that little girl’s smile! Oh wrong song! LoL.. but the cake is perfect! Let’s find out where the hole in the cake goes! 😛

Now this, let’s get your tongue ready and here I go.. I did not start this with a 1 drop, I did 2 drops .04 grams and immediately there is this cake taste in my mouth and nose. who ever said inhaling your food is wacky, is wrong!! 🙂 It is light so off to the 4 drops .08 grams .8%, and no here.. is the cake and the hints of a cream cheese icing, but you might want to keep the cake going, as with 6 drops .12 grams 1.2% the icing effect does fade out and the cake gets stronger, tastier. I’m doing 8 drops .16 grams or 1.8% and think this is where it needs to stop. It’s on that verge, that thin line, one tiny drop could push it too far for my liking. It’s thick, cake, dry, almost fake chocolate, just like the red velvet should be and I do believe Flavorah has a real winner here. If you don’t get a big bottle, it’s because I grabbed them all! 🙂

for add ons: cream cheese icing hack at the bottom of the page, I can see some chocolate deutch for a German Chocolate cake, some fruits like pineapple, orange, or even coffee to make it even darker.. bourbon for a boozy effect.. and your own spoon, I have mine tyvm!

My Recipes and Calculator websites

Just a quick entry for the moment, busy night tonight and will be wrapping up the new flavor releases. Lots of good tastes are coming out from Flavorah! It makes me so proud to know I have a small hand with things going on 🙂 Yeah! go me!

Anyways, with the requests that I add the recipes to e-liquid-recipes, or all the flavors, so far, they are only on elr and you can find them here:  My ELR

Let me do a brief reminder, these calculator sites are not at all accurate. They will bring you close, however, change one drop or change one gram, and the site will not reflect the change. This is why for years now, I did not use any online calculators. I do it all by pen and paper. I also, (heads up) do not post recipes I care about.  If they are special, if they create money, or revenue, I keep those offline, anywhere. If I think a recipe has merit in teaching someone how to mix tho, I will gladly share, in hopes of reaching out to others so they can understand why I do what I do. I do want others to learn, and I want to see more creativity in the community we call home. 🙂

I wish the best for us all, and as always, if you want to share any tips or tricks with me, contact me. 🙂 I am always willing to learn new things too, and if I can share what I learn, we can keep all of what we love, the good flavors, rolling! Off to get busy.. it’s good to be back playing with flavors.. <3 Peace!


Just a quick note about the contests I have thrown, giving out full flavor lines.

I want to say thank you to the team, Flavorah! for allowing me to run a few facebook contests off our fan page. The experience I gained from running the contests has been amazing. I really was surprised in each of the contests, the many people that have crossed my flavor path. I want to say thank you to those that entered, and I know we will be making a lot more fun and prizes along the way. This is my adventure, to try and reach out and to talk on my mixing experiences using Flavorah! and to share both the knowledge and mixing experiences. If you did not get to win, hang in, there will be more contests and chances. I do try to run them as fairly as I can, however I know my reach is awesome, this last one was well over 23k, and with that, I will say now, fb does have traffic issues. If you feel you matched all the requirements, please check those over a few times and make sure you ar eligible and met all that needs to be. Fb lag can be a very big challenge, especially with a lot of people competing for winner. I hope everyone can understand and I can appreciate those that did have patience with me. So a big thanks from me to you all!

Will I have a contest on site? Maybe later down this flavor road of ours. Never know! I know I have approached Flavorah with a few more ideas.

If you want, hang in.. the fun has only begun! ~S

Reaching taste buds

Reaching taste buds. What a topic, eh? Serious tho, this is something I think on constantly, along with how to reach out and help others understand what it is I do and maybe the reasoning and my way of logic towards mixing. Let’s get going!

Do not hold me responsible. Not for empty flavor bottles, juice bottles! Not for “I can’t taste this” or “omg it’s way too much for me”! Taste is after all, on the tongue of the taster! It’s also according to device and even how your coils use their ohms, the way they are wicked, as well as battery power! So on this note.. and this is for people wanting to learn to mix for others, not necessarily new mixers for personal taste, but it is something for everyone of us to think on.

If you are testing your flavors as solos, perhaps you should test for how equipment is used, as well. Let’s say Bobby Sue fell in love with the idea of tasting your blueberry yogurt, and you really want to turn out this juice, so she will like it. First.. my old saying, you are only as good as the flavors you mix with. Logic behind this is… knowing your manufacture, the lab where it comes from and how they design the flavors you work with. It is your place to understand how these chemicals interact, as it is you, the recipe creator that is designing the juices. A lot comes into play, as if you are a low ohm, high-watt user and Bobby Sue is a medium ohm low watt user, yes, to her your juice will taste different. 😉 (there goes the clones!)

If you have a chance to meet up with a new flavor manufacture, the first thing is to always solo test. I can not stress this enough! Take the flavors as low as you can go, and then slowly raise them up up and up.. push them, as well as your equipment. Discover what they can do at your set up and then change your set up around. Bounce the flavors, bend them, make yourself understand exactly what these chemicals can and can’t do. Just do not fall into the traps of suggested use, or Johnny likes this at 13% so I must too, yet my biggies, a website says average use is 6%, all this does is let you know what others use these flavors at, own your own flavors, just like your tongue won’t be mine, and I can’t share my tastes with you, we are all different, and want this all to be done and over yesterday. Explore, discover, and then once you think you have that mastered, do it all over again! Yes.

As another discovery, those that like in your face flavorings at low ohms and high watts, when you do attempt to start low flavors, you will have issues tasting lower amounts of flavoring, as the higher amounts of flavorings will do your “buds” damage, and the low/weak flavorings will give your tongue trouble, until you raise it up higher. Make sense so far? Just like if Bobby Sue took a vape off a setup that is not like the way she likes it, of course, it will give her issues too.

What to do about this? go backwards.. raise your ohms up, lower your watts, in baby steps, just like with flavors you like as in your face, instead of using a particular flavor at 8%, step down to a 7.5% and then a 7%.. retrain your tongue, shake it up a bit! It works! and your pallet does adjust. It changes every 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, and by the time 3 years hit, your mouth isn’t tasting what it was 3 years before. In fact, I bet for those long term vapers, you don’t even vape the same juice you did 3 years ago.. 😉 this is due to pallet change, that causes you to want other flavors. It is also what I blame on my own tongue, as I do not have an all day vape. I rarely vape the same juice even for more than half a day. I keep around 12 different juices on my desk and vape at least half of them all day.

What I am saying here is don’t stagnate, but think on what and how  you vape, think outside the box and what could improve your mixing skills. Think, before you “gift” any juices out, towards the people that will be trying them. Just think,  if you could make your recipes just so drool worthy, they will always want to come back for more! You also want to try things you normally do not do, just to give your mouth a “shock” to wake up your tastebuds so they can get back to working for you, instead of sitting on the side lines.

The other thing I have discovered, specially working with ultra concentrates like Flavorah, is again back to my zombies and flavor overuse is that these flavors of ours do change with the amounts used. Sometimes they appear to taste like what they are, but you might not notice notes go missing when overused, or it might mute out from the get go, or fade over time (another biggie for flavor overuse) so use these with all this in mind. I hope, again that these notes of mine help out.

I really would love some feedback on these ideas of mine, so please dont be shy.. leave me a comment below! 🙂 ~S


Flavor Overuse – My Opinion!

I run across this at least a few times a day, flavor overuse. What is it? It’s when you do not do solo tast testing, starting from low flavor and raise it up, keeping notes on what you taste, when and where and even equipment matters. It’s when you guess at a starting point and then think: well it taste good here, only to discover now you can’t taste certain other juices. It’s when you see other people using it at that amount and assuming it is good right there, they like it, so you must like it too.  Hydration, medicine, diet, exercise too, all plays a part.

Example: Can’t taste juice -ecf. <More for zombie tongue, not flavor overload. but the effects of over flavoring are very very similar!

Taste bud damage is more than when you vape one particular juice profile repeatedly, rather your “buds” no longer taste that one flavor or juice. I have seen this happen with blue raspberry mixes, as well as other flavors and juices around. Flavor overload can and will do damage with repeated use of over flavoring. Are you over using your flavors? How do you know? If you do not test them from the very lowest to the very highest, you will not see the zombie effect this particular manufacture has, so how can you tell? By reading every recipe every review, talk to people that use this flavor line!

I have almost 2 yrs working with ultra concentrates, so yes I can base all of this on my own experiences. More on taste buds, up next, so please hang with me and keep reading!

Your taste buds regenerate every 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 years. At the 3 year mark, the entire “live” buds will have completely regenerated. There are some that die off and never ever come back. I can not prove the link to zombie tongue, but it does follow that pattern. I believe this is why your “tastes” change, but I could be wrong.

What I have noticed with Flavorah, is if you follow my blog here, and use drops, starting from 1-2 drops in 10ml and work up, you can easily find where you like a flavor at. From there, look at the amount. Then if you feel all froggy, and want to experiment, raise the flavors higher and higher, then maybe you will believe me, it will lead you back to what I have coined, zombie flavors.

You can push past the chemical and mutation parts, using more flavor than you really need, and have the flavor “come back”, bringing out only the higher notes of the flavor “peeking” or topping up, and then the lower notes disappearing, yet still achieve the same taste as you would using 3-7 drops .06 grams – .18 grams, because your tongue can’t tell the lower notes are gone, but they do disappear. This is what I call flavor waste. Too much flavor and spending too much money on something, if you had experimented with, could save you money, time and flavorings. It will also kill off your “buds” to where you will not taste flavors you like at lower amounts, unnoticed, until you end up with a juice from me or others that mix with my levels.

Once you go high on flavors, your taste buds change to reflect this. We can become so accustomed to those mixes that are “in your face”, that when juice testing or even vaping favorite juices, your taste buds are in a constant state of shock. It will make you feel like you can not vape anything below a higher threshold.

How to fix, or repair the damage? By stepping down slowly, just like how you would do to step down from nicotine in your eliquids. It’s that simple, and go slow.

I just know what works for me, and what and how to turn out top shelf juice. I want to taste my juice, the high and low notes, and I want it rich and just decedent to my tongue! I know that if I keep it at a reasonable amount, being that Flavorah is an ultra concentrate, not a standard flavoring, lower is better, less is more, and less is better for you. I also see it as this, if it cost me “x” amount to get the full high and low notes of each flavor, and when someone else is using a higher amount, cost comes into play. You spend more, to use more, when you need less, and spend less. Out of all of this however, you and your tongue as well as judgement on what tastes good to you,  might be different from my views and tastes.

I know this is a repeated post, but the more I keep seeing people using Flavorah at higher amounts, the more I cringe! However, in the end, how you want your flavors is on you. You are in control of how your flavors react, and it does make a difference. If you like it at 3%, 5% 9% and even 13%, go for it. I just wonder, am I coming in loud and clear yet? Is anyone out there paying attention?