Cherimoya is the next flavor up for today. Honestly, if I listen to how it is like a custard with apple, the more I laugh! Yes you can taste an apple custard, if you have it up too high, for reals! However, when I tested this one particular flavor out, not sure why I did this, but I had my rda dripper coiled at .05 ohms, a semi loose coil, and I had my watts at 35, I didn’t get much of an apple custard type taste at all. I got a blend of light fruits like banana, pineapple, papaya, peach, and strawberry. I even think I might have had some persimmon in there too. Really tropical, juicy, not over done, just a bunch of good mixed fruits.. and if there was any custard in there, extremely light tasting. How did I come up with this? I used it at 6 drops .12 grams, in my 10ml bottle. Why? Because I want to test out how the flavor would taste, if someone with not much experience mixing, was playing with this gorgeous flavor.

I thought being as it was a lighter smelling flavor, I would start this one at 6 drops, and run it up to around 16 drops. I enjoyed the 6 drops, even as light as it is, but at 9 drops, I picked up even more of the mixed tropical fruit taste, not too bad at all, and keep thinking I need a larger bottle of this one, just to play with more. Here is the kicker, at 12 drops, I noticed some flavor change after a overnight sit. Was it bad? No, not really, but I could tell there was a flavor change upcoming. at 16 drops and in my tank on a .25 ohm, using 65 watts, there it is, more creamy custard, and I will be jiggly, the hints of apple.. hmm.. I ended up losing the bottle of 16 drops and found it a few days ago, not much change, but it was an apple custard, with the start of a funky background. The coolest thing I think, is the way the real fruit grows, sort of like an apple, but it’s a bit white, and big black seeds you can easy pick out. (Seeds aren’t good to eat!) So.. even tho I did up a simple recipe, I still want to tinker with this one. it made it to the get a bigger bottle to play with list!

Cherimoya Ice Cream

9 drops .18 grams Cherimoya
6 drops .12 grams Cream
3 drops .06grams Marshmallow

If you have any vanillin, add a bit here, but keep it low, as this is a very light flavor to begin with. I enjoy it just as it is, plain and simple is sometimes a really good change up!

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