Flavor Notes

Cherry Blossom

Brings me to thinking on Springtime and Washington DC.. <3

So pretty and when the flower petals fall, like pink carpets for your bare feet, running around with the wet grass popping up between your toes..

Cherry blossoms.. and daffadills.. little elves poping up with stars in their eyes.. such a fun flavor and very rarely used in the mainstream vaping.

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Smoky Blue’s Passion Blossom Blood 

Blood Orange (Flavorah)0.40
Cherry Blossom (Flavorah)1.00
Passion Fruit (Flavorah)0.40
Sweet Coconut (Flavorah)0.60

Flavor total: 2.4%

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You would expect at 2.4% for it to be light, and due to sweet coconut [milk] and the passion fruit, it is a light juice. It is meant to be. It’s a spring mix, and spring is right around the corner!

Let’s talk usage, as mine runs from .2% up to 1.6% for Flavorah these days for our Cherry Blossom. It’s light, creamy and hints of pink cherries are tucked in.

When mixing lighter flavors, you really do not want to conflict with other flavors.. perhaps I should have used a citrus mix, lower than the blood orange.. maybe I should have added in some type of tea mix, or thought on melon.

You could turn this into a candy type mix too.. but either way you have it.. you really need to try out the Cherry Blossoms.. enjoy the spring coming up.. with lots of peace and harmony.. <3