Flavorah out did it when they introduced coffee! One of my favs to work with, this flavor can be used in a lot of things most normally do not think of. From fruits (to give a darker hint of fruits, except the citruses!), to creams, nuts and tobaccos; even in desserts, it’s too good not to use!

When testing it out, I assumed it would be a lighter use flavor, no! Trust me, this flavor is just as strong as the rest. With 2 drops .04 grams in 10ml bottle, it gave me a light coffee, and I really wanted to see how it would turn out, and I was pretty right on par! Using 4 drops .08 grams, its a decent taste, never burnt, like other manufactures, and I wouldn’t have issues with it as a solo right there. Using 6 drops .12 grams in 10ml, it’s a strong, in your face coffee, with a trail of funk.. We want to avoid that funk, so keep this one as a low 4-5 drops in 10ml!

I had a hard time, picking out which recipe to show a decent recipe blend, as there are really a lot of things I can do with this flavor and have more than a handful of recipes for. This is the one I picked out, and if you experiment and want to show off.. love to see what you come up with! 🙂

CocoMocha 30ml

6 drops .12 grams Coffee
6 drops .12 grams Chocolate Deutsch
3 drops .06 grams Coconut
6 drops .12 grams Caramel
6 drops .12 grams Cream

Nice and smooth, this is one of my coffee substitutes when I am in a rush in the mornings and don’t have the time to actually make coffee on the run. Sometimes I like to add in:

Irish Cream
Cinnamon Roll

Which ever way you enjoy your coffee, make sure to enjoy this one for me! ~S.

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luis ivan hurtado ramos
luis ivan hurtado ramos

En 10 o 30ml.
Gracias y Saludos