Custard, I swear Flavorah must have gotten this recipe straight from my mother, who got it from her great grandmother. Tastes just exactly how a good custard should be. Thick, but thin, rich decadent and omg so delish in anything I toss it at. This is what I would call the stove top method to creating a good custard.

How I tested it: from 2 bottle drops .04 grams in a 10ml, up to 8 drops .16 grams in a 10ml. Verdict, can really taste it at 2 drops, 8 drops is too much; for a blended recipe, from 2 drops to 6 drops will be your average, with 4 drops .08 grams or .8% usage in a recipe. I see a lot of folks using this flavor way too high, and by doing that, you will be missing out on the brown sugar, the nutmeg, the lower and middle notes in a lot of Flavorahs flavors.. so please be kind to yourself and try small amounts. It won’t hurt much to lower and test. 🙂

Recipe time!


Strawberry Custard 30ml

12 drops .24 grams Vanilla Custard
9 drops .18 grams Custard
2  drops .04 grams Alpine Strawberry
3  drops .06 grams Butterscotch
1 drops .02 grams Cookie

The Vanilla Custard is the start here for lush creamy thick and rich vanilla egg custard. The plain custard provides the topping to the mix, and lends more credibility. Alpine Strawberry here give the best sweet ripe and omg delish strawberry ever. It’s my fav one to work with. The cookie give the entire mix some texture, and hints of chocolate. It just works out together.. 🙂 Let this sit for a few days and remember, don’t hold me responsible for empty bottles!

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