Not sure when your best thinking time is, but mine is early morning, or late night, when I can sit still and think or reflect on the happens that have gone on, and where I want to take the next step to discovery on flavors. When thinking on flavors and mixing, the entire world is your play ground, or at least that is my way of thinking. If I can dream it, it can happen! Or I fail big and end up laughing or crying over a flavor mess I have made. Either way, playing with flavors in general, is fun. When you can sit back and taste what you created, good or bad, it gives you a pointed direction, an aim or goal. Some recipes you might tinker with for very little time and they turn out fantastic and others, you work hard on, sometimes, months or years of revisions revamping, and that is the beginning of my tale here. I hope you enjoy it!


When talking discovery, finding your “level”, is very important. Knowing if you prefer light flavors over heavy, or dark, if you are a fruit person, or love tobaccos, and how about nuts and creams? The best way is to make a list first, write what you like, and what you don’t down into 2 columns. Get it all out and down on paper, so you can see where it is you stand, and the mini collections of flavors you have on hand. (Some of you might have more than others, and that’s alright too, we all start where we can!)  The biggest here, before beginning is research how long your flavors will last. With Flavorah! the average shelf life is between 1-2 years. So take this into some thought. With ultra concentrates, you really do not want to hoard, no matter how you try not to, it does happen! (That is because they are so good! I know!) I will not make this site about production and juice lines, just the flavors, for average mixers. A helper site. I am willing and open for a lot of discussions, so if you have ideas, use the contact, and drop me some mail! (I love fan mail, btw!) I digress, let me get back on track. Average user of these flavors will go thru roughly 15ml (or a quarter ounce) of flavor in a month. If you do not like repeat stocking, go larger. There are some resellers out there that will sell in 30-60-90ml bottles, if you request it. I hope this gives a good idea on how much and what you want to invest in, your tastebuds!

Will have to post up another bit later tonight, I have appointments today, and a few things to finish up on this afternoon. Till then, focus on the flavors you really love, and I will be back soon. Starting up a site like this is no ordinary adventure, and I am working backwards to get you all ahead of the flavor game! 🙂 S.

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