Dutch Baby – Recipe

Mmm Yes! Nothing finer for breakfast or even snack time! If you are looking for out of the ordinary, you might want to try this one.. but make your own! 😀

Perfect Dutch Baby

Sort of like pancakes, but without the syrup.. you could add a tiny touch of butter.. hmm let me go try that! These def will melt in your mouth and sometimes go faster than you can make them!

Let’s start!

Lemon .6%
Lemonade 1%
Cinnamon Roll .8%
Cream 1%
Frosting .6%
Pastry Zest .2%
Smooth Vanilla .06%
Sweet dough .6%
Sugar Orchid .2%
Vanilla Bean .4%

Once you have this all mixed up, allow for a week to steep!

Light, fluffy, and happy Dutch Babies! Perfect for a pick me up or just to relax around the house.