Eisai Tea

Eisai Tea otherwise known as Japanese Green Tea.. and right out the bottle, smells so delish! Green tea, with maybe some sort of fruity bit? A cooling sensation is present, but that is to be expected. 4 bottle drops from the new bottle give me .08 grams in a 10ml bottle, and it’s light.

Something I found on youtube:

Do you know how hard it is on writing about a flavor you have never tasted before?
Very! However I can say this is a thicker green tea, I can see it would be a bit more fibrous from the other green tea, as it does have a texture.  It’s very nice and if one of my fans could send me some haha! I would appreciate it.

I can see this as something to go with strawberries, blueberries and other fruits. Its sweet but tea tasting. As a solo, I can pick out an herb-y type foreground taste, and it’s really not bad at all, tasty! This could top cheesecakes and danishes would go beautiful.. maybe an apple cinnamon danish, with Eisai tea.. yes.. Pears would be a bit too much, maybe with the other green tea..

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