If you find you have issues getting your recipe set in correct..

Yes I was the one that had issues and needed calculator help. My amounts did not come out nice, correct or anything until I tinkered with the settings on ELR. I was really baffled and it took me quiet a while to post up my recipes to share with others. I’d look at other all flavorah recipes, and I realized one thing. They were all set to 35 drops per ml as a standard setting. Wow.. so I got curious and counted up all my drops in one milligram/gram. It took 50 drops! No wonder, and that is for all of the bottle tip types for flavorah. You can find this setting when you create recipes, it is in between the flavor area to input and the notes section. This is important and does effect your recipe.

What next?

Next you want to go into your personal settings, under preferences found here , and make it look like this image.

Now what?

Try again to input what you find you like for your recipe. How many drops did you like “X” flavor? and see if what you did matches what your recipe says. The drops will be set correctly if you did your solos right. Your recipe should look a bit like this image.


I hope this sheds some light on how I mix, and what I do to make my own recipes. What it took me to understand that I needed some calculator help. Sure it takes time, effort, supplies, resources, and a good imagination. Patience is the biggest. You will realize why a lot of us either do not share, because others “borrow” recipes, amounts, ideas. There are some that will sell juice form your recipes etc. But for one thing, the reason why I do what I do is to share the process so others understand, it does take work to come up with good juices to keep us all happy. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact me.

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