Rants and Raves

Flavor Overload

I run across this at least a few times a day, flavor overload. What is it?

It’s when you use too much of a flavor, or flavors and blow your taste buds away!

It can also happen when you do not do any of your solo taste testing, starting from low amounts and then raise it up. Keep notes on what you taste, when and where and even equipment matters.

When you guess at a starting point and then think well it tastes good here then come to find out that now you can’t taste certain other juices.
It’s when you see other people using it at that amount and assuming it is good. They use it and like it at “x” point, so you must like it too.
Hydration, medicine, diet, exercise too, all play a part.

Did you know Zombie tongue is a good example of flavor overload?

Taste bud damage

Taste bud damage is more than when you vape one particular juice profile repeatedly, as well as your “buds” no longer taste that one flavor or juice.
I have seen this happen with blue raspberry mixes, as well as other flavors [cough! Strawberry~] and juices around.
Flavor overload can and will do damage with repeated use of over flavoring. Are you overusing your flavors? How do you know?

If you do not test flavors from the very lowest to the very highest, then you won’t see the zombie effect. So how can you tell?
By reading every recipe every review, talk to people that use this flavor line! Then by doing your own homework, and start low! 

I have almost 6 yrs working with ultra concentrates. I can base all of this on my own experiences.

Taste bud facts

Your taste buds regenerate every 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 years. At the 3 year mark the entire “live” buds will have completely regenerated.
There are some that die off and never ever come back. I can not prove that this is a link to zombie tongue, but it does follow that pattern.
I want to say I believe this is why your “tastes” change, but I could be wrong.

What I have noticed with Flavorah, is that I use drops straight from their bottles.
Starting from 1-2 drops in 10ml and work up, you can easily find where you like a flavor at. From there, look at the amount.
Then if you feel all froggy and want to experiment, raise the flavors higher and higher.

Damages and repairs

You can push past the chemical and mutation parts when using more flavor than you really need, and have the flavor “come back”. Bringing out only the higher notes of the flavor “peeking” or topping up; then the lower notes disappearing, yet still, achieve the same taste. Your tongue can’t tell the lower notes are gone, but they do disappear. This is what I call flavor waste. Too much flavor and spending too much money on something! If you experiment with your flavors it could save you money time and flavorings. Using too high in amounts of flavoring, it numbs your taste buds. It can go unnoticed until you end up with a juice from me or others that mix with my levels. We can also become so accustomed to those mixes that are “in your face”. When juice testing or even vaping favorite juices, your taste buds are in a constant state of shock. It will make you feel like you can not vape anything below a higher threshold.

How to fix, or repair the damage?
By stepping down slowly, just like how you would do to step down from nicotine in your eliquids.
It’s that simple and go slow.

My thoughts for how I want my flavors

I just know what works for me, and what and how to turn out top-shelf juice. My juice, I want to taste it, sure! I want to taste the high and low notes.
I need it rich and just decadent to my tongue. I really like it mellow, for my tongue to chase and figure out flavors! I know that if I keep my flavors at a reasonable amount, I am happy. Knowing that Flavorah is an ultra concentrate that lower is better, less is more, and less is better for you.

I also see it as this, if it cost me “x” amount to get the full high and low notes of each flavor, and when someone else is using a higher amount, then cost comes into play. You spend more, to use more, when you need less, and spend less. Only you and your tongue can figure out what tastes good to you. Your tastes might be different from mine.

I know this is a repeated post that I talk about on a regular basis, but the more I keep seeing people using Flavorah at higher amounts, the more I cringe! However, in the end, how you want your flavors is on you. You are in control of how your flavors react, and it does make a difference. If you like it at 3%, 5% 9% and even 13%, go for it.  Never mind me… what do I know??