This right here, is the best title for this post that I can even dream of, flavor pushing zombies, and more, oh my! Almost sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Well, with this article I hope to do a lot of explaining, and would love it if I had some feedback on this, in any form!

On to this fine topic! First, let’s take a random flavor example: blueberry. (altho most of the ultras can be classified as zombie flavors, hang with me a moment!) You will need some supplies: 4 – 10ml bottles, FlV Blueberry, and of course, your favorite dripper (for tank use, triple the drop amounts, and use 30ml bottles).   Now, here is the project:

Mix #1
1- 10ml at 3 drops .06 grams Blueberry

Mix #2
1- 10ml at 9 drops .18 grams Blueberry

Mix #3
1- 10ml at 18 drops .36 grams Blueberry

Mix #4
1-10ml at 36 drops .64 grams Blueberry


Allow them a quick 3 sec microwave burst, and shake really good. Set them aside for the next 2-3 days and then, only then, let’s do some sampling!

You will notice, at 3 drops .06 grams, there is a blueberry taste, but it’s a good light blueberry. (It’s only .06 grams, after all!) It could be a solid amount in a recipe used with other flavors, but the blueberry is there.  Now go find some coffee or crackers and take a 30 min break to make sure your mouth is reset on taste buds! Do some thinking on what you just tasted and some recipes you might could work with.

Now for the 9 drops .18 grams of Blueberry, it is a in your face, lushy blueberry, almost to the point of overload, but not right yet! The 10ml 9 drops is actually what i’d refer to as a flavor push, to push the flavor to the max used, without falling over and ruining the flavor or your mouth. It’s a fantastic solo flavor and doesn’t need much more other than maybe marshmallow for mouth feel, maybe if you like your blueberries sugary sweet, 2-4 drops of FLV Sweetness. This is definitely flavor pushing!

At 18 drops .36 grams in our 10ml bottle, the blueberry has become obnoxious! Definitely blueberry but I can pick up a good chemical spin taste, even when finger tasting. Absolutely guaranteed to give any flavor creator a bad rep from bad reviews about mixing too high.

Now for the highest one, 36 drops .64 grams, the chemical taste has toned down and almost out, leaving a fresh blueberry, juicy, with a hint of the stem area and skin, like it burst into your mouth and now your tongue is blue from doing way too much blueberries! This is the highest form of flavor pushing, and a big reason why I do not go over certain amounts with certain flavors. Sometimes it will not turn out alright (a few exceptions, like the vanilla custard and a few others). This is why I do mix by the drop, I teach others to mix by the drop and when you use more than the amount, you will notice a few things, flavor mutations, you get the flavor, but the other tiny parts that make up a flavor will get lost, or worse, flavor muting either after mixed or after a given time. when you use more than needed, you waste not only time, and money but it cheapens Flavorah, and honestly, less is more than you can dream of.  So go easy out there, it’s really like liquid gold.

I see so many recipes calling for 1% or 6% even one person claiming he used 13% of flv flavors and it had a throat hit, no wonder why! When if you play by my examples here, and keep in mind this one thing: 1 drop = .02 grams or! .02ml   the most I used here, the max was .64 grams or .64ml in a 10ml bottle. * Edit, the one I liked is equal to .18ml in our 10ml bottle, and it really is too high to be used in this way, as a solo, for me. I barely use blueberry in a 30ml with 9 drops, as a solo, with maybe marshmallow and a touch of sweet. Flavor pushing shouldn’t happen all the time, only the rare occasions.

I also term this as a “flavor zombie” as what happens with the compounds is that you push them into an area and they take over and can die (mute) and come back to life. There are thin lines these flavors of ours “walk” and I do not like to make zombie juice for myself or anyone else.

I hope to see a few others experimenting with Flavorah and make some public posts out there, I will see. I do not have accounts everywhere, but if it is public and I am cruising, I will see and laugh with you, promise! 🙂

This is the end of the tutorial for today, if I have some free time, I will upload more recipes soon! Keep a eye out! 🙂 S.

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luis ivan hurtado ramos
luis ivan hurtado ramos

Gracias por publicar es valiosa aportación

Roger Price
Roger Price

Are all of Flavorah flavors highly concentrated? if so, and a recipe calls for say 13% of a flavor that’s a big bunch of drops is it not?

Frank m
Frank m

Great post. Gunabana (sp) could be my example. First mix was 2%. Was weak but I liked it. Tried it at 2.5%. Was stronger and did not like it. 2.25% is the sweet spot for me. I Vape this when I just need something different