FLV Bottle Caps!

Issues on the FLV bottle caps. I have heard already even tho I am not in “all groups” or sites, there have been a few complaints on the caps, bottles and tips. I too have had a few problems, but resolved them rather well. There is a secret to opening them, without the cap falling apart, the bottle ripping open, and even with this tip, the nipple tip might still get stuck inside. You won’t lose a single drop, if you do this careful, I swear!

When you are attempting to open it, don’t force it, if it wont snap the security tab off with a light, and I mean light twist, Try my method. If you look carefully here, your cap is connected to your security tab. (this is not a childproof bottle, but it is there to show you your product has not been tampered with, after filling and capping it) There are tiny connectors in between, around 5-7 of them total.

Here is how to uncap your bottle, without cap damage, Fan Girl style..


Now, while this is not be “the right way/sterile” you can sterilize a knife or a pair of scissors to break the seal for you. This is the easiest way, and the quickest I have found, where you will not spill one drop, nor damage the bottles and caps! Remember to be safe, watch what you are doing, and if anything spills, it is not my fault. Practice makes perfect. We are all human and you know I care about the flavors and keeping it all happy! 🙂

I hope this helps a bit.. leave a comment one way the other. One last thing to say, I have found no bottle as safe, great for storage or as efficient as these, if you take care of them! Not saying anyone is at fault, things do happen. <3

More flavor reviews sometime this week, as I do have a bunch more coming! Stay cool!

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