FLVFan Info

Smoky Blue fell head over heels with the flavors from flavorah a few years ago and created FLVFan. She has one booklet out on the rate of use for Flavorah! She can be found on a few websites, but her home is mainly on Facebook.

This is her website, where she leaves notes etc. It is prone to “falling down” every now and then, but she works hard to maintain the site, as well as all content.

Smoky customizes in ultra flavors, as well as lends a hand to developing manufactures. She also works for a private lab and maintains as a single mom to 4 adult kids. Busy is just another adjective in her world!

Everything here is direct from Smoky. Her thoughts, trails and contributions to the vaping industry. She has had her ups and downs with both community as well as flavors and this is the current redo of her site.

If you would like to know more, contact her.