Free recipe books!

I decided that since my elr list is rather full of 3+ years of recipes, I would start something new, recipe books. I want to give everyone a chance at having a good recipe to mix. I am not sure when I will be releasing them, but I do expect either weekly or bi weekly.

The first pdf only has 2 recipes in it for the moment. Will it change? Possible. I also put out a Paid version, in hopes someone will want private recipes from me and to help support my site.

This week was an experiment for both you and I. It also has taught me a few things. People like free stuff. I do too! 🙂

As a content creator, as well as the top mixer that only uses one brand [FLV] I am worth this. So for the few that took a chance and bought the paid version, thank you! I will continue both versions and like one of my bbf’s says.. they are like Pokemon’s, you have to catch them all!

I do take requests for recipes or profiles, and I also sell recipes and support. So if there is a taste you have been chasing or struggling with, take a chance and ask if I will help and/or publish a recipe. Who knows, it might be what you are looking for. With a company like Flavorah and someone like me, we can have lots of fun!

I currently have new clients, and I am excited as to what this new year will be bringing. With new flavors and recipe books coming, take a chance at keeping your mouth happy! Keep your eyes out on the books, never know when they might pop up!

I also want to say thank you for the encouragement and support recently. It isn’t easy to rebuild a site and post up new content. You all mean a lot to me, my close friends, clients and supporters, without you, I would not be doing this at all.

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My little contribution to you, I bought a book! Summer wishes is what you should have named it… lol

BTW if you need them I have a lot, maybe most, of the notes from the old site that I put into a word doc. Let me know.