Oh boy, granola, where do I start with you? ? Where, with the clusters of oats, the maple, is it toasted lightly or dark? Just what is in this bottle I have? Let’s find out!

Just by smelling it, it hits me there is a lot of dried fruits, maple-ish notes, and yes, hints of oats, granola!! (side note, it could make for an interesting trail mix variety too, but digressing!) 2 drops .04 grams .4% i get sweet maple (and the hiccups! ) and oats.. light, very light.. but that is what I am tasting.. next moving to 4 drops .08 grams.. wow.. ok, one more vape, fig? maple fig, darker oaty taste, heavy darker.. nice!! Oh I can see this playing nice in a ton of things.. even a color change in my 10ml bottle, slight, but it is there.. I do not think my camera could do it justice to snap a pic, but at a later date on maturity, I would expect juices made with this to achieve a golden, or darker golden hue. Moving on.. 6 drops .12 grams, and I think I know what this is.. it’s more like a homemade granola bar, like those breakfast bars, made in the kitchen, instead of store bought! Wow, just blow my mind! Not much fruit other than a fig/raisin, maybe some nuts, almond, pecan type, and roasted oats… very very well done!! Now for 8 drops .16 grams 1.6% not much more different than the 6 dropper one.. hmm.. not the same, the maple is in front tho.. the fruits just dropped off.. the oats.. it’s just muddled… hmm.. maybe in a few days they might all pop out.. unsure.. will retest.. after I put an order in for a large bottle 🙂

Recipe Ideas… yogurts, with fruits and more nuts.. right off the top.. but i can see this used as a stand alone too.. maybe with extra graham cracker in it.. If I added it to tobaccos, the tobacco would have to be a dry tobacco.. no desert types, the granola would get lost. I’d def use some citruses to break up the thick on the maple.. and highlight the dark tail end I get at maybe a 5 drop per 10ml usage.. 😉

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