Green Tea

Green Tea, I am guessing is a generic green tea. I have yet to try it.. I do have it steeping atm, 4 bottle drops in 10ml.. After trying this one out, and I have now confirmed, this is as close to the official Lipton’s green tea. I see a lot of citrus going nice with this one.. creams, and neutral fruits.. be cautious that you do not drown out the green tea effects.

As far as usage, keep this one between .2 and .4% I find any higher and it starts to go zombie out at .6 and up.. and when it comes back it will lose a few notes. It really does not take much using Flavorah, at all! That is the beauty of these flavors as they are done just right.

Smell test, smells just like the American Green tea, like Lipton’s Green Tea. I bet again, fruits, creams and honey will go nicely with this. I did combine it with the Eisai Tea.. and it did not work out too swift..

Tastes.. Chill green tea, lightly sweetened. Nice!! I might have to play with some Alpine Strawberry and perhaps some White Chocolate, for candies.. Even a Blood Orange and pear will be good with this totally good tea.

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