Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just a quick note, to say thank you for all the love and support each of you have given not just my site, but me! It really means a lot.. <3 I hope everyone has a good weekend, love your significant other, spend time with your family.. and if you want.. please try my Pink Champagne on Ice..

Pink Champagne on Ice recipe

If you mix it now, I know a bit late for Valentine’s per say.. but it will be ready to vape within a day or so. You can really tell once it is steeped as the Pink fruit will be just tasty! Watch that Brut bubble wine, it is bubbly! 🙂

Thank you again.. and cheers.. to more mixes and tutorials, and good friendship! I am amazed about yesterday.. I did not realize how fast my ebooks were going.. I think stunned is a better word. Hope the format now is a bit better and easier to read. I depend on feedback, so if you have ideas or suggestions, find me on the web and let me know!


Happy Valentine's Day

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