Another, open the bottle and immediately drool! If this tastes just like it smells, Flavorah is going to be so busy this fall! WoW! Whiffs of what I like to call fuzzy, nutty, and almost a butterish effect.. if you know how to bring the buttery out 😉 but on to the flavor itself!!

This is exactly perfect hazelnuts trapped in a bottle, waiting on some unsuspecting person to go ahead and discover just how good it is! Using my 10ml bottles again, and 2 drops .04 grams and again.. this is why they are called ultra concentrates.. there is the nutty, fuzzy nutty taste I expected! 4 drops .08 grams and oh wow, bam in my mouth and nose, where is my coffee at? Yes, taste testing like this, I like to have coffee and a bag of doritos, cool ranch preferred, but regular is fine too.. sometimes, even chocolate will help to clear out your pallet. 4 drops is strong! Amazing.. hazelnut at it’s finest, solo. In fact, it is a bit too strong for me here, but I know I run a little bit lighter than most people. The more I vape on the 4 drops, no, I can not take this any higher, as the common phrase is, not tonight, huni! 🙂

Mind you, I did this taste test last night.. and tonight, I am trying out a 6 drop .12 gram 1.2% and I think I ruined my cotton with hazelnut. I still stand, this is strong, you want to go easy, and treat it as a friend and not gallop over to 2% or even 4%.. this will blow you away with the awesome good nutty taste it has.. even as just .4%

Recipe Ideas: coffees, first.. more nuts, tobaccos, custards and creams. Fruits oh yes.. but it will have a spot in my Hazelnut Butter recipe for sure! 🙂

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