Flavor Notes


Hazelnuts.. excellent for the first nut idea you can come across.. makes the finest hazelnut coffee.. and in creams.. that buttery texture hazelnut has.. oh my! Love at first taste! If you can hit the mark!

Pretty little Hazelnut!

Ok first let me warn you.. a tiny bit goes a very long way. I am guilty too, of overuse with this one, only because it is so good! Most of the nuts, with exception of the two coconuts, just a couple drops should be your goal. No matter how you think you have to use these nuts at a higher amount, it’s just not so. Not only that, it causes a longer steep time. Knowing all this.. makes me want to redo all mu nutty recipes, however.. I won’t. Why? because if someone mixes them up.. I want them to see.. even at my lower than most mixer amounts.. I still go too high with nuts. ๐Ÿ™‚ So this is the first warning.

I don’t have many public recipes with hazelnut.. in fact I don’t have many in private either. Why? because my super good recipes.. or client recipes will never see the light of day. Hazelnut is one of my most requested mixes.. I can vouch for that.. ๐Ÿ™‚

My usage used to range from 1 drop to around 1% with most nuts.. for hazelnut.. 1-3 drops per 30ml is my limit. Fact. Less steep time too happens when you use less.. so one could say.. less is more, less will taste better, and last longer!

I will leave this recipe hanging.. I know a few folks that really love this one..

Smoky Blue’s Nilla Haze AM 

Beer Nuts (Flavorah)0.06
Butterscotch (Flavorah)1.00
Caramel (Flavorah)0.80
Hazelnut (Flavorah)0.06
Pralines (Flavorah)0.06
Smoked Butterscotch (Flavorah)0.40
Smooth Vanilla (Flavorah)0.12
Vanilla Bean (Flavorah)0.20
Vanilla Custard (Flavorah)1.40

Flavor total: 4.1%

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and remember.. Nutella is hazelnut and milk chocolate.. the recipe looks close to this:

.06% Hazelnut
.4% Milk Chocolate

If that is too weak for you, try

.12% Hazelnut
.6% Milk Chocolate

and give it about 5-7 days to steep. No heat, no shaky shaky, or beating the everlasting crap out of it.. Time works wonders. ๐Ÿ™‚