Help with recipes (Math)

I have had a few people asking me, Smoky, just how do I put in my recipe to calculators like “ELR” and even I have had issues, so here is the revived tutorial from the old site.

First, I picked out a recipe from here, using my drops and grams, Djarum Tobacco.

Here is the recipe for it, as I have it in my note pad:

Djarum Tobacco 30ml

1 drops .02 grams Clove
12 drops .24 grams Cream
1 drops .02 grams Ginger
3 drops .06 grams Lemon Tea
3 drops .06 grams Turkish Tobacco
6 drops .12 grams Virginia Tobacco

Based on 1 drop = .02g
Rounding up when possible. I use my ohaus scales a lot, and they go 4 to the right of the decimal

Ok, so this is the heart of the recipe, where all the numbers are! Now what?
ELR is not calculating it correct.

Finding a solution

This was the solution I came up with. To find out how many drops of all Flavorah was in a ml.. and adjusting the box in the back to reflect it. Then all my numbers matched up. Matchy matchy.. 🙂

So when you look at an all flv recipe, and nothing looks right, chances are it is your math or, you did not fill in the box correctly. Flavorah is different, and yes, remembering to adjust your drops for it, will make a big difference in your recipes, especially with someone else trying to recreate your recipe.

Taste matter! 🙂

I also need to add this bit here!

You need to go to the elr forum, and look at your profile>preferences area and make sure you are using “drops” instead of grams. This way your recipe will reflect exactly what your scales show. If not, you will spend more time that is not needed, on why your weights do not match what elr is saying..

I can not believe I forgot to mention this.. but now you know. Doing your recipes this way will indeed make you a better mixer, and you will be able to make sure others can mix your recipes and notice a difference.

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