How to Create a Recipe (FLV)

I was asked by a friend Jason, to explain how to create a recipe using Flavorah. I know I have discovered that if I keep the ingredients low, my recipe will taste even better. There are more ins and outs with Flavorah flavors.

These flavors of ours have a few points: where you can start to taste, where it tastes good, where it begins to mute, and finally.. it will come back and loose flavor notes from the top, bottom or sides [flavor wasting] or tastes off and yet last, as another flavor all together. Pink Guava is one of those that when pushed, it can actually become a grapefruit.

I learned first hand to never assume on a flavor, and do not go for the amounts that traditional mixers would use. With good flavoring, you really do not need much at all.

Here is where your solo taste testing can come into play

Using my recipe: Alpine Strawberry Mousse, how I worked it was finding my own spots with the flavors [at that time] on where I enjoyed each one. As you can tell it is almost a 3 yr old recipe. My tastes have changed since the time I posted and shared it.

If you look, I have my elr set to drops. I remember at the time, I enjoyed 3 drops of Alpine, but in a recipe [30ml] I found I liked 2 drops better with other ingredients. The cream and pudding together work very well. Vanilla pudding is what I call a forgiving flavor. In my testings and I test the creams out often, every 2 months.. Vanilla pudding can be used really low [.4%] for some fab thick cream. On up to around 2% or more for a thick vanilla pudding type. The white chocolate, I prefer to keep under 1%. I did not want an in your face chocolate. With all the creams, puds, and chocolate.. a finer mousse taste.

For my particular tastes and this recipe now, I would really rethink, perhaps drop the cream and add whipped cream [1.2%] along with the bean and smooth vanilla combo, to create a better mousse 😉

The conclusion on how I create my recipes

My main point tho.. I created this recipe without looking at others online. I worked all my flavors as solos to find where I enjoyed them at. Dropping each flavor down by .2% of what I liked, the recipe was born. You might have to tinker with your flavors to get them into the position where you think they do best in a recipe.

I tinkered a bit, moving the amounts up and down. I tasted each version I made. This is the final aspect or iteration of the mix. All of the amounts used is what I enjoyed tasting. I did not copy anyone for the recipe. It is all mine. This recipe I share, because I want to keep everyone’s fingers out of reach of my own bottle!

So yes, work your tongue, and find out just where you enjoy things. Sure it takes some time, but it is not impossible. Your mouth will thank you.

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