How to create an uncommon ejuice..

I know we all know the standard recipes, and the recipes left out in public.. common, right? Easy to find, quick to mix up with popular flavors. There there is that.. what if.. 🙂

What if you had a drink, yet there is no recipe for that drink that you can easily recreate to vape? Or if you wanted to sub the word drink for others.. what have you.. ideas.. It happens.

A friend of mine reached out the other day.. and the idea he had was more like a creamed beer. Intriguing, if you like to drink beers. Myself, I am more of a hard liquor girl. Wine coolers, nah.. rum and cokes and a lot of moonshine.. quarter quarter on the back porch or just sipping a good whiskey bourbon on the swing.. a hot buttered toddy on the sofa, while watching the fire in the fireplace type.. it forces you to think outside the box, at times.

So a creamed beer.. the first I suggested was to try out the Yakima hops.. it’s got the hops, alright, then a good bit of Cream.. perhaps layered with whipped cream and milk.. maybe add in some citrus soda for the bubbles.. beer has bubbles, right?

What if that beer style is a dark beer tho.. seeing Yakima hops is more of a yellow or a citrus flavor. How do you darken it up? By adding or feeding the Y. Hops with things like maple.. caramel.. maybe a cola..

The first step is to know your flavors and how they all work together. Write things or ideas down.. Get to know your solos before anything else. Find where you like certain flavors. You would not just say ok, everything at 2%.. Anything with flv at 2% right off the bat you know they are not mixing things right!

Figure out what is going to be your main flavor.. the beer or the creams? then find where you like that flavor and move on to the rest.. It can be that simple. It’s hard tho, when you have this idea, and it’s bursting thru your head and it’s a flavor you really must create. Remember tho.. it takes time to dev a recipe out.. and then it takes time to see where in the steeping method you want your juice to go. If you have the time, you can create so many unusuals to keep your own mouth happy..

I hope this helps a bit.. 😀