Flavor Notes

Irish Cream

Let’s chat on the Irish Cream, eh? Lucky cream in a bottle.. Depending on if you have tried the Bailey’s or even a generic brand, Irish cream is not always Irish Cream! Just like in drinks, this flavoring can vary depending on how you use it.

Real Irish Cream, look how thick!

So let’s talk on thickness. the higher you take Irish cream, the thicker it will become. The lower, the “myst” the cream becomes, like light and airy.. so if that helps you in your mixes to remember.. how high will affect the juice recipe you are mixing.

Irish cream can be a blast.. I have used it from a few bottle drops, on up to 1.8% but for me, that is way too high. Around 1%-1.4% is the max I enjoy.. and if I am looking to help soften things up, from .2%-.4% and around .6% to .8% then the chocolate starts to peek thru. If you use things like vanilla pudding, or even custard with Irish Cream, it will pad out or flesh out.. wait.. it will enhance the Irish creams “body” and give even better flavor notes for your juice. Too much cream tho, and it can wash out what you are aiming to work thru. There must be balance, when playing with Irish Cream.

A sample recipe

Smoky Blue’s Cool Sweet Tobacco (Mod Pod) 

Connecticut Shade (Flavorah)0.12
Cool Menthol (Flavorah)0.12
Ice (Flavorah)0.12
Irish Cream (Flavorah)0.40
Kentucky Blend (Flavorah)0.60
Smoked Butterscotch (Flavorah)0.40
Smooth Vanilla (Flavorah)0.12
Virginia Tobacco (Flavorah)0.80

Flavor total: 2.68%

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This one is an older tobacco recipe, not shabby by any stretch, however it could use a touch up.. I might put it on my remix list. 🙂 It needs at least a 5-7 day steep time.

This one tho..

Smoky Blue’s Carrot Cake 

Butterscotch (Flavorah)0.80
Carrot (Flavorah)0.40
Irish Cream (Flavorah)0.80
Pistachio (Flavorah)0.40
Pound Cake (Flavorah)0.40
Rich Cinnamon (Flavorah)0.16

Flavor total: 2.96%

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Is one of my better carrot cakes, and if you see how I have it layered, It really turned out well. If I had any adjusting to do with it, I would have dropped the rich cinnamon down to one bottle drop, I would have raised the pound cake up to .6% or maybe even .8% and I would knock the Irish cream down to .6% but as an overall taste.. the recipe is fine for a good day to enjoy the cake.. I don’t know.. maybe I am too picky.. I might want more carrot in there haha! 🙂

The rest of my Irish Cream recipes can be found here. If you happen to make something good with Irish Cream and want me to test it out.. send me a recipe!