Flavor Notes

Kinako Soy

Magical beans? What in the heck was Flavorah thinking? haha! Bringing us something like this.. is amazing!! Is it like a peanut butter powder? hmm..

Kinako Soy, Roasted Soy bean powder..

Their description says… “Magical Beans planted right will take you into a place you could not suspect…a Japanese candy shop. Powdery notes of roasted soy and sweet red beans with the top notes of amaretto and almond flesh. FLV Kinako Soy is Japanese inspired candy flavor that creates a unique base note at low percentages. Works well with nuts, bakery and other smooth notes. If you are getting tired of the same old custard bases, this and FLV Avocado will give you a new canvas for creating excellent and distinct profiles.”

I can vouch for the Kinako Soy and Avocado together.. is down right tasty!! Try it out.. use

.6% Kinako Soy
1.2% Avocado

and let this sit for eh.. give it 5 days.. after the 5 days.. you won’t see much change.. except… it will only get better.. that is, if you mixed a large enough bottle size for a few weeks haha!

I can say it has a lot of uses.. it makes my pancakes in one of my recipes with it.. more believable.. that I stuffed pancakes in a bottle, with blueberries.. See?

Smoky Blue’s Blueberry Pancakes (Pod Mod) 

Blueberry (Flavorah)0.20
Blueberry Muffin (Flavorah)1.00
Kinako Soy (Flavorah)0.04
Maple Bar (Flavorah)0.20
Pastry Zest (Flavorah)0.12
Popcorn (Flavorah)0.07

Flavor total: 1.63%

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Yes, I used it super low.. you really do not have to jack up your usage amounts with this one.. start low and work up.. seriously! This is not TFA, CAP or anything like that.. Flavorah is the flavor company for good tastes! <3