Kinako Soy

According to The Spruce link, “Kinako is one of many Japanese ingredients made from soybeans. It is dried, milled and roasted soy bean flour. It is golden tan in color and has a powdery texture similar to that of all purpose flour. It has a warm, toasted and nutty aroma, and its flavors are similarly nutty and slightly reminiscent of roasted peanuts.”

Ok, cool.. flour flavor lmao.. hmm.. what the heck! I did my standard 4 drops in 10ml and let it sit up 3 days.. and the weird thing is.. I am picking up the flour, and I get a powdered effect all inside my mouth. Very little roasted nut, so might try backing down and using 2 drop in 10ml.

I still have yet to toy with a good recipe.. I have gotten the flour out of my mouth now.. thinking on a few things.. will report back once I have something working. Single flavor test at 2 drops from the new bottle, 10ml is much better.. I think this is comparable to the pastry zest. Might be a start for a good recipe, will see.

Here is the trick to the kinako soy, use with a form of bread/cookie/macaroon etc and the helper is Pastry Zest!

Blueberry Pancakes!

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