Flavor Notes


Too cool! You have to see this Kiwi!!

Kiwi bird! haha! 🙂

No not talking on the bird, but kiwi the fruit.. yeah…

Now this is more like it, fuzzy fruit, not bird!

First things first.. understand the fruit. The other part, that fuzzy bit.. is not good to eat, at all.. The flavor Flavorah has presented us is the inner parts.. the green and yellow/white area.. true to taste, and very delish even as a solo! At .8% is my middle ground with Kiwi, as I can taste it all, the pulpy tangy but sweet juicy juice. It really goes nice with any kind of fruit you can toss at it.. Lime tends to draw it out more, but it really loves strawberry.. and banana and.. I can go on about kiwi.. it’s a pretty well known fruit.

My rate of usage for Kiwi runs from .2% up to 1.2%, depending on what else is in my recipe. Any higher than that, it can tend to be too much. It’s not known to wipe out or mute other flavors, but that can happen with any flavor overuse.

Here is a few of my recipes with it, this one in particular is more like a sweet tart on ice.. it’s mild tho.. so just a heads up..

Smoky Blue’s River Rat 

Blueberry (Flavorah)1.40
Cucumber (Flavorah)0.12
Honeydew (Flavorah)1.00
Kiwi (Flavorah)0.40
Marshmallow Vanilla (Flavorah)0.60
Pear (Flavorah)1.00
Sweetness (Flavorah)0.20
Watermelon (Flavorah)1.60

Flavor total: 6.32%

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Even tho the amounts here are higher than what I normally mix at.. this is a very laid back blue yellow and pink juice. I really want to blame it on the honeydew, but I would not remove it. It makes the taste just so mellow and tasty! Try adding in some ice, and it becomes a neat drink.. 🙂

This one tho, is a shinning star. It was not designed as a clone, but it sure does come to 99% of the popular mix. Try it out and see what I mean..

Smoky Blue’s Pink Sucker Punch 

Alpine Strawberry (Flavorah)0.12
Kiwi (Flavorah)0.40
Lemon (Flavorah)0.60
Lemonade (Flavorah)1.40
Pink Fruit (Flavorah)1.00
Smoothie Base (Flavorah)1.20
Tangerine (Flavorah)0.40

Flavor total: 5.12%

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