Lembas Bread

This one flavor (and a few others, ok a lot of the others) came from around the time I tossed a contest on Facebook.. I have to say at the time, I just casually glanced and thought oh.. another bread.. cool.. but.. even tho i am a huge hobbit fan.. it didn’t hit me, this is too cool and yeah, I am gushing.. haha!! What a fun and delightful flavor! Yes.. and just in time for the fall.. I can see this one will be used a bunch of times.. fun fantasy type smells wow.. and I’d love to share this flavor with the person that requested it. So I am looking for you! I know you are out there somewhere! Contact me so I can share a small bottle with you! Meantime, on to the flavor, itself!

Now let me see if I can do this one some justice! At 2 drops, .04 grams, I get a sugary powdery almost bready note.. something like that pastry zest is in there.. at 4 drops, .08 grams .8% I get almost a fruity, like (maybe it is because I just finished up apricots, but I swear) I think I taste apricot, maybe an orange, or pineapple.. and the reason I am unsure is that it is a tiny bit muddled.. but keep in mind.. this is a fantasy bread type, hang with me.. I get a spice! maybe a raisin? a date? (Date? Hot man? I wish! LoL) bumping it up to 6 drops, .12 grams, 1.2% doesnt really clear it up better, but no noticeable chem trails, no mute spaces.. not really sure on muddling.. on to 8 drops .16 grams 1.6% and still about the same, but this time, there is the muddle.. dammit.. just a light muddle, but it could be me… will raise it to 10 drops .2 grams 2% and weird, I get like a cool sensation on my tongue, sitting here, drinking coffee and yes, this does have a cool aspect here somewhere in the flavor.. raisin/date.. oranges.. the bread is light.. not a fluffy, but not a flat bread.. in the middle.. maybe the muddle is not there.. will keep a 2% around and retest it later. 🙂

All in all, I can see this perhaps bumping up the bread with some macaroon.. maybe adding more fruits.. or ginger.. or how about adding the yakima hops and turning this bread into a drink! We could do that as well 🙂 Mead! 🙂 ha! I hope everyone will have fun playing around with this one, and please, share some recipes if you try it! Love to see what others might come up with on this one. 🙂

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