Limited? Let’s chat!

Limitations, let’s have a little chat about this. I hear from a few how “limited” I am when only using one manufacture. I want to clear the air on this, once and for all.

You are only limited by what you allow yourself to be, to do. When it comes to mixing, yes we are all limited by certain things. For instance, cakes. We want a true cake, with all those lushy air pockets of goodness, the sweet cake, with the icing dripping down, so thick when you lick the icing it sticks to your tongue. Nice thought eh? Is it really possible for that to happen in a vape? Sort of. I will be honest, the closest you can get is the taste of the cake, the sweet of the icing, but nothing will come as close than to eat the cake.

Back when I first started to mix, we had the grocery store flavors. Lorann, Watkins, Bickford. and I wont go naming the rest.. There are a lot of older grocery store flavor types out there so YAY! Our total flavor amounts looked around 35-45% of flavors. This is very true.

Then along comes.. TFA and Wizard’s Lab was the first to carry 100 of them. How often the the grocery store flavors get used then? It tapered down. TFA became super popular. Loads of recipes for TFA can still be found online. Was that limiting? then came flavor West, and Capella for food and beverage yet again, and now days folks know better than to use old grocery store flavors.

A special flavor company rose up called Flavorah. I bought my first one and never looked back at the rest again. Why should I, when I love the company? I hear folks saying to never limit yourself. I taste these flavors and immediately get happy. Why should I use something that doesn’t bring me the happy I get from this company? Why should I buy flavors from 12 other companies that are weaker, and the taste is not so good as what I have now to work with?

Let’s face it, in order to get “good” at mixing, one needs to focus. Learn the flavor company you enjoy to mix better. I have tossed flavors literally up on my wall to see what sticks. I have worked them from ultra low, 1 drop in 4oz of base, up to 50 drops in 30ml. I know these flavors like the back of my hand and can dump out 100’s of recipes without even mixing a one. Pick a random recipe, and yes its a perfect true to taste styled ejuice, true to what is in it.

I only have atm 204 flavors. My shipping is low. I buy direct from the manufacture not 5 places because someone doesn’t have my sugar orchid in stock. I have manged to do this now for over 4-5 yrs.. I have even lost count of how long.. I only know I do not want something to happen to the flavor company I enjoy.

So the next time someone tells you not to limit yourself, now you know.. they are full of it. Limit yourself so you can break free from the standard dull boring mixes and step out of the box.. set limits and go learn your flavors!

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