Flavor Notes


Oh yes, bring back the spring time, in the back yard with friends gathering.. pitchers of Moscato handed around while the kids have fun playing.. <3

Strawberry Lemonade Moscato

Now this is the fun bits.. Moscato! Flavorah has presented a nice base flavor to build on. It can go from dark red and black berries, to like fluffy strawberry with chunks of lemon and pineapple.. which ever way you pick to mix with this fab flavor, you can not go wrong.. only cry when the bottle is empty!

My usage for Moscato is from .2% all the way up to 1% a bit more, and afraid it will become too stout for me.. your friends will enjoy this tasty flavor! Stock up often! 😀

In order to make something like that cute picture up above.. try this recipe out

Smoky Blue’s Strawberry Smash 

Alpine Strawberry (Flavorah)0.12
Cotton Candy (Flavorah)0.40
Lime Wedge (Flavorah)0.12
Moscato (Flavorah)0.20
Strawberry Smash (Flavorah)0.60
Sweet Coconut (Flavorah)0.12

Flavor total: 1.56%

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In order to make it more of the lemonade type, add:
.6% Lemon
1.2% Lemonade

I would sub out the smash for regular Strawberry at 1% or even run with Strawberry Cream at .8%, leaving Alpine in the recipe, as is.. I would not use all of the strawberries from Flavorah.. it would become way too much.. as if there is such a thing haha!!

I would use cream to make it more frosted and then just leave it alone for eh.. 5 days to a week.. Try it out, and if you like it, let me know on Facebook!