Oh my, how I really just drool on this one particular flavor. Dang it, just opening the bottle, brings memories. I won’t go into too many details, just know, this is the same moscato that I can call mine.

Running the moscato in my 10mls, started out with 2 drops, .04 grams and yes it is there.. you can tell there is some sort of alcohol type taste, what it is is unsure, so moving to my 4 drop .08 gram bottle and yes, light grape-y type taste is what I am getting, no sparkles yet, but I know I have some sort of sparkles here in these bottles, hiding and waiting for me to find it… pushing to 6 drops .12 grams or 1.2% and yes… my happy spot is here! oh yes! I won’t say this has bubbles, it’s not champagne, it’s definitely a good sparkling wine, moscato at it’s finest, almost sweet and almost tart, wine! I could push it higher, I might at a later date, in the tub with bubbles.. but for now, I am content, very happy, to have this moscato..

For pairings, I can see adding in some apple cider for a more mulled approach, misc assorted fruits like apples, cranberries, or even raspberries.. I might even have a toss with some nuts or even tobaccos to make a brighter appearance and taste.. there really isnt too much for drawbacks, and if you want to impress your friends, better get a big bottle, before I do!

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